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De la Bretagne aux Amériques.



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  • Nom André PELLAND 
    ID personne I23190  Notre Grande Famille
    Dernière modif. 18 avr 2018 

    Père Lien Manquant2 PELLAND 
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    Famille Luce PIETTE 
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    • A pork producer in Quebec, Canada joined other farmers to host a provincial-wide open house to acquaint city dwellers with life on the farm.

      Philippe Desjardins welcomed an unbelievable 1,100 visitors to his hog farm near Joilette, Quebec in early September. The visitors were but a fraction of the 135,000 who toured one of 151 host farms or the displays at Union des Producteurs Agricoles (UPA) headquarters in Longueuil, Quebec, as part of their third annual “Farm Open House.”

      Over the past three years, nearly 400,000 people have come out to see what really happens on Quebec farms. As Laurent Lessard, Quebec's Interim Minister of Agriculture, commented: “The city mouse took kindly to the country mouse's invitation.”

      Most of Canada's food may be produced on its farms, but in an age where only 2% of the population has any involvement in agriculture, it's not surprising that so few people know it. The challenges on the production and consumer sides of this food equation are no doubt familiar to their American counterparts.

      Diligent parents may wish to take their children to visit a working farm, but unless they have a friend or relative who owns one, there is little opportunity.
      Public Relations Effort

      Union des Producteurs Agricoles (UPA), which in English translates into the Agricultural Producer's Union, is trying to change that. Dating back to 1924, UPA has served as Quebec's umbrella farm producer group, is present in 16 regions, and represents 25 specialized groups. With a membership rate of 93%, UPA is the official voice speaking on behalf of 44,000 Quebec farmers.

      “This is the biggest public relations initiative ever to take place in the agricultural sector,” says Laurent Pellerin, UPA president. “Our goal is to promote better understanding between farmers and the non-farming community.”

      Visitors participated in a hayride, during which an agronomist explained the composition of the Desjardins' hog feed, mostly made from grains grown in nearby fields. Questions were wide-ranging and colorful.

      “My dad said that pigs stink, but I went to see them (in the barn/garage) and I didn't smell anything,” said a little girl.

      The comment provided an excellent opportunity for the agronomist to discuss odor control and the agronomic use of manure in the fields.

      The kids enjoyed a run through a cornfield maze, then back at the farm made a beeline for the free pork burgers, freshly made in Desjardins' butcher shop.

      André Pelland and Luce Piette decided to visit Desjardin's farm after reading about the operation on the UPA website.

      “We visited a dairy, a sheep farm, one that had bison and this hog farm is our fourth,” says Pelland. “This is the best we've seen today.”