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  • Nom Otto I Marchese DE MONFERRATO 
    ID personne I208879  Notre Grande Famille
    Dernière modif. 27 sept 2018 

    Père Aleramo Marchese DE MONFERRATO,   d. 991 
    Mère Adélaïde 
    ID Famille F85610  Feuille familiale  |  Tableau familial

    +1. Guillermo III Marchese DE MONFERRATO
    Dernière modif. 27 sept 2018 
    ID Famille F85609  Feuille familiale  |  Tableau familial

  • Notes 
      Otto was the son of Aleramo, marchese de Monferrato, and his first wife Adelaide. Notably obscure, he did not appear with his parents and his younger brother Anselmo at the foundation of the monastery of Grazzano in 961. On Aleramo's death in 967, the large _marca Aleramica_ was broken up: Monferrato went to Otto and Liguria to Anselmo. Their elder brother Guillermo II had already died.

      In his own lifetime, Otto does not appear in any document with the margravial title, but he appears in the documents of later generations cited as such. He appears in a confirmation of the possessions of the abbacy of Fruttuaria with the title in a patronymic. He probably never used the title in life, but his descendants retroactively applied it to him, as he held the same post as they.

      Otto died in 991, as known by the foundation act of his son for the monastery of Spigno, which Otto himself had planned to build. By an unnamed wife he left two sons: an elder named Guillermo III who succeeded him, and a younger named Riprando. He also left two daughters, Otta and Waldrada (Gualderada).