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Luitpold Markgraf von der OSTMARK

M - 984

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  • Nom Luitpold Markgraf von der OSTMARK 
    Décès 984 
    ID personne I208870  Notre Grande Famille
    Dernière modif. 27 sept 2018 

    Famille Richiza 
    +1. Adalbert I 'der Siegreiche' Markgraf von der OSTMARK,   d. 26 mai 1053, Melk, Autriche Trouver tous les individus avec un évènement dans ce lieu
    Dernière modif. 27 sept 2018 
    ID Famille F85604  Feuille familiale  |  Tableau familial

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    • REMARKS:
      his parentage is contradictory in Isenburg and Schwennicke

      Luitpold, called 'der Erlauchte' (the Illustrious), was the first margrave of Austria from the House of Babenberg. He was a count in the Bavarian Donaugau and first appears in documents from the 960s as Liupo, a faithful follower of Emperor Otto I. His descendance is disputed, though an affiliation with the ducal Luipolding dynasty is possible.

      After the insurgency instigated by Heinrich II 'der Zanker', Herzog von Bayern, in 976 against Emperor Otto II, Luitpold was appointed as a largely autonomous 'Margrave of the East' (Markgraf von der Ostmark), the core territory of the later archdukedom of Austria. His residence was probably at Pöchlarn, but possibly already at Melk, where his successors resided. The territory, which originally had only coincided with the modern Wachau, was enlarged in the east at least as far as the Wienerwald.

      Luitpold married Richiza, who was possibly the daughter of Ernst IV, Graf von Sualafeldgau. They had several children, of whom Ernst and Adalbert are recorded with progeny.

      Luitpold was killed in 984 at Würzburg in Franconia by an arrow shot directed at his cousin Heinrich von Schweinfurt, Markgraf auf dem Nordgau.