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De la Bretagne aux Amériques.


M - 1219

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  • Nom Gaucher III DE CHÂTILLON 
    Décès 1219  Marmande Trouver tous les individus avec un évènement dans ce lieu 
    ID personne I181068  Notre Grande Famille
    Dernière modif. 27 sept 2018 

    Mère Adèle DE DREUX 
    ID Famille F29540  Feuille familiale  |  Tableau familial

    Famille Élisabeth DE ST-POL 
    +1. Hugues DE CHÂTILLON
    +2. Guy II DE ST-POL,   d. 06 août 1266
    Dernière modif. 27 sept 2018 
    ID Famille F66754  Feuille familiale  |  Tableau familial

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      Seigneur de Châtillon-sur-Marne

      Gaucher III de Châtillon was the son of Gui II de Châtillon, seigneur de Châtillon-sur-Marne, and Adéle de Dreux, dame de Montjay. In 1196 he married Elisabeth, comtesse de St.Pol, daughter of Hugues IV Candavène, comte de St.Pol, lord of Didymotika and Jolande de Hainault. Gaucher and Elisabeth had two sons and three daughters, of whom both sons and a daughter would have progeny.

      Gaucher and his son Hugues were mainly responsible for the fortifications around Crécy. They structured the city to give it the organisation still in existence, with its three districts: the castle, the borough and the market. Each district was protected by lines of ramparts and their ditches, the river also acting as a barrier. Gaucher was Grand-Bouteiller (Master of Ceremonies) of France and of Champagne (nominated by Thibaut III, comte de Champagne), and seneschal of Burgundy (nominated by Eudes III, duke of Burgundy).

      At the beginning of the Albigensian Crusade in July 1209 Gaucher took part in the siege of Beziers, in which all the inhabitants of the city were killed by the camp followers of the crusaders. In August 1209 the crusading army of Simon V de Montfort, including Gaucher, besieged Carcassone and forced its citizens to surrender.

      Gaucher also fought at the Battle of Bouvines on 27 July 1214, the first great international conflict of alliances among national forces in Europe. In the alliances, which were orchestrated by Pope Innocent III, Philippe II August of France defeated the Holy Roman Emperor Otto IV and his allies, including Dom Ferrante, infante de Portugal and King John of England, so decisively that Otto was deposed and replace by Friedrich II von Hohenstaufen.

      In June 1219, during the Albigensian Crusade, Gaucher was killed in the siege of Marmande, in which the city was sacked and all the inhabitants slaughtered.