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  • Nom Justin LEPSCIER 
    ID personne I166429  Notre Grande Famille
    Dernière modif. 13 sept 2018 

    Père Bryan Sid LEPSCIER 
    Mère Pamela Jean WILBUR 
    ID Famille F69869  Feuille familiale  |  Tableau familial

    Famille Crystal TOURTILLOTT 
     1. Carolyn LEPSCIER
    Dernière modif. 13 sept 2018 
    ID Famille F97449  Feuille familiale  |  Tableau familial

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    Justin Lepscier et Crystal.JPG
    Justin Lepscier et Crystal.JPG

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    • Crystal & Justin
      September 28, 2013 Newlyweds for 952 days!
      About Crystal

      Crystal is currently living in the Madison area, working for UW-Madison in various positions. She is a true Badger, through and through. She earned both her BFA ('05) and Master's ('11) degrees from here and she has been in and around Madison since 2000, with a short stint on the East Coast from 2006-2008. She grew up in Glendale, Wisconsin - which is a small suburb in the Milwaukee area.

      Crystal's mother, Antoinette Irene Tourtillott, is a member of the Stockbridge-Munsee Band of Mohicans and late father, Scott Kevin Tourtillott, is a member of the Menominee Nation. She is a descendant of both tribes, and also has Ojibwe, Bulgarian, German, and other unknown heritage. Her other dad, Bruce Silas, is a member of the Oneida nation and a proud Army Veteran. Crystal has one older sister, Starlyn. Starlyn is married to Beau Miller and the two of them have 2 beautiful children, Miles and Meryl.

      She is fond of being creative, she likes to bead and sew as much as possible. She always says that she will someday return to painting, and she knows that once they have a house with space, she will find an area to call her studio! She loves to do spontaneous things, spend lots of time with family, and someday she hopes to see different parts of the world.

      She truly knows what 'home is where the heart is' means, as she feels home is with family no matter where they might roam.

      About Justin

      Justin is currently living and working in the Madison area. He works for UW-Madison as a Grants and Contracts Specialist, through the Research and Sponsored Programs (RSP) office. He earned his Bachelor's of Business Administration degree from Georgetown University in December 2008. He grew up in Keshena and Shawano, Wisconsin and attended school in Shawano, Wisconsin.

      Justin's late mother, Pamela Jean Wilber was an enrolled member of the Menominee Nation, so he is a proud enrolled member as well. Justin also has other European lineage. Justin has two older siblings; a sister, Destiny Lepscier, and a brother, Bryan 'Bun' Lepscier, Jr. He also has a younger sibling, Joseph Kaquatosh. Destiny has 4 beautiful children; Ariana, Pamela, Riley, and Robert. Bun has two beautiful children; Amaya and Oliver. And Joseph has one beautiful child as well; Jemma.

      Justin likes to be outdoors. He enjoys hunting, fishing, boating, camping, as well as golfing. He likes to spend time with loved ones, devoting much of his free time to visiting with his large family and long list of friends. He is good-natured, kind, and likes to tease people a lot out of love. He would like to travel and has lots of dreams of living a comfortable life. Justin also enjoys gambling and has been quite lucky on the slots in the past.

      Justin is definitely a Wisconsinite; he likes cheese and sausage, enjoys brats and definitely throws back a beer or two in his down time. He is a big Wisconsin and Georgetown sports team supporter- Badgers, Brewers, Hoyas- but especially the PACKERS! He is a very proud stockholder of the Green Bay Packers and has dreams of someday owning season tickets. Dream on Justin!

      How we met

      In 2006, Crystal moved to Washington, D.C. from Madison, Wisconsin to start her first 'real' job, working as a Visitor Services Assistant at the National Museum of the American Indian (NMAI). She met many great people at the museum, and learned about a lot of different tribes. She came to know some of her co-workers, Sonny, and his wife Diana, very well while she roamed the exhibits and corridors of NMAI. They all, along with several others (Vanessa, Jose, Angelia, Charlie, Fred, Sharyl, Adrienne, Ben, Leland, Brian, Zandra, Rachael, Ken, etc) spent countless hours running the Lelawi theater where they had plenty of time to chat and get to know one another. It was one of these times at the Lelawi when Diana and Sonny first brought up the idea of 'Justin' the 'Menominee' to Crystal. Meanwhile, Justin was a friend of Sonny's since coming to the museum a few years back. He was a student at Georgetown University, enjoying the DC life.

      Sonny and Diana decided that Crystal and Justin needed to meet, so they made arrangements for them to meet one day after work at NMAI at the Buffalo Billiards bar. Justin says when he tried to talk to Crystal there, she barely said anything, so he thought she was stuck up. A few months later, Crystal was a single woman and decided to try getting to know Justin again since he knew Wisconsin, and she was far from home. Justin, as he often did, lost his phone one day. Lucky him, because his post on MySpace about needing phone numbers attracted Crystal to send him hers. So began the 'getting to know each other ' stage. In November 2007, Crystal and Justin decided to officially date, and they have been together ever since. They moved in together in 2010, and have been living in Madison for the past few years.