Pelland - Une histoire de famille

De la Bretagne aux Amériques.


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401 Autre date de naissance, 21 juin 1911. PELLAND, Elmore Joseph Henri (I1968)
402 autre date possible 29 déc 1895 ou mai 1895 PELLAND, Alcide Louis Zacharie Joseph (I374)
403 Au moins une personne vivante ou marquée privée est liée à cette note - Les détails ne sont donc pas publiés. DUFAULT, Ronald Henry (I18436)
404 autre née 5 fév 1857? PELLAND, Geneviève (I900)
405 Autre source donne 24 oct 1902. PELLAND, Ida Marie Philomène Alma (I2011)
406 Autre source donne d. 1939 MARQUIS, Yvonne (I22454)
407 Autre source donne décès 31 oct 1988 PELLAN, Alfred Albert Joseph (I1449)
408 Autre source sur Internet donne 1887 à Plattsburg NY GLADU, Méranée (I108344)
409 Autres parents Antoine Portier et Jeanne Solom PORTIER, Jeanne (I39809)
410 aux rec.66 et 67, au Cap-de-la-Madeleine
d après 1709, Cap-de-la-Madeleine
m vers 1665, Cap-de-la-Madeleine 
CREVIER, Nicolas (I43396)
411 aux rec.66 et 67, au Cap-de-la-Madeleine, maître chirurgien; au rec.81, à Champlain; cité 08-09-1647 Québec PINARD, Louis (I43061)
412 aux rec.66 et 67, au Cap-de-la-Madeleine; procureur fiscal du Cap-de-la-Madeleine; notaire royal 16-04-1669 au Cap-de-la-Madeleine et à Champlain 1687-1700, à Montréal 1700-1704 CUSSON, Jean (I43373)
413 aux rec.66 et 67, aux Trois-Rivières; au rec.81, à Champlain; cité 27-05-1646 Trois-Rivières; maître charpentier AUBUCHON, Jacques (I42919)
414 Au moins une personne vivante ou marquée privée est liée à cette note - Les détails ne sont donc pas publiés. LAVERGNE, Marguerite (I155423)
415 Avait un banc au premier rang de l'église de Berthier en 1818 - 15 livres de rente. PELLAND, Paul (I42)
416 Avait une fille EvangXne Taylor de Winnipeg. DUBOIS, Marie Louise Alma (I4643)
417 Avait vécu à Spokane WA ROCH, Ernestine (I1723)
418 Au moins une personne vivante ou marquée privée est liée à cette note - Les détails ne sont donc pas publiés. BONIN, Marcel (I67788)
419 Avec le fils d'Honoré Mercier, il a tenté de faire exploser la statue de Lord Nelson à Montréal. PELLAND, Étienne Lionel Joseph (I1018)
420 avocat SNOW, Leonard (I182420)
421 avocat, premier ?echevin (1544), procureur g?en?eral et fiscal d'Abbeville (1553) TILLETTE, Antoine (I251944)
422 Avril 1984 selon California Death Index et mai 1984 selon SSDI PELLANT, Earl James C (I13600)
423 Axel Harvey
Born in Montreal, Axel Harvey studied history at Princeton University and the University of Toronto. Harvey has worked as a journalist, editor, translator, teacher, and astrologer. His articles on astrology have been published in books and journals, and on internet sites. He has lectured on astrology in the United States, Canada, and France. Axel Harvey is the founder of the Hirsig Society, a registered non-profit organization dedicated to disseminating astrological knowledge and preserving astrological texts. 
HARVEY, Axel (I56196)
424 ayant combattu en 1430 à la journée d'Anthon, cité dans une revision des feux (de Veurey? (Isère)) en 1448 DE SAINT-OURS, Antoine (I42851)
425 B. Eng. PELLAND, Kathryn Ann (I19396)
426 Au moins une personne vivante ou marquée privée est liée à cette note - Les détails ne sont donc pas publiés. PELLAND, Jason Kenneth (I31850)
427 Au moins une personne vivante ou marquée privée est liée à cette note - Les détails ne sont donc pas publiés. WELLS, Doris Mae (I193252)
428 Au moins une personne vivante ou marquée privée est liée à cette note - Les détails ne sont donc pas publiés. PELLAND, David Walter (I7320)
429 Ban upheld on offenders using fake names

01:00 AM EDT on Thursday, April 12, 2007

By Edward Fitzpatrick

Journal Staff Writer

PROVIDENCE — The state Supreme Court yesterday upheld a ruling that said four sex offenders couldn’t use fake names when suing over the strict out-of-state travel restrictions that apply to sex offenders on probation.

In the decision, the court did not address the underlying legal challenge to the restrictions, saying the question is moot now that the one sex offender who continued to pursue the litigation — using his real name — is off probation.

But the decision, written by Justice Francis X. Flaherty, leaves intact a lower court ruling that upheld the Department of Corrections policy that essentially prohibits sex offenders from leaving the state unless they have written permission in extremely narrow circumstances.

Corrections Director A.T. Wall noted the policy also has withstood a challenge in federal court, saying, “Both state and federal courts have taken the position that our department’s responsibility to protect the public allows us to restrict and regulate out-of-state travel by sex offenders.”

As for the use of pseudonyms, Wall said, “A criminal conviction is public information, and the court recognized that sex offenders should not be shielded in court proceedings.”

The American Civil Liberties Union represented the plaintiffs, and the executive director of the local ACLU affiliate, Steven Brown, said the Supreme Court ruling “really saves the issue for another day.” He said, “We were hoping the court would use this opportunity to address this issue, which does affect a lot of people and has created difficulty for a lot of people on probation.”

Brown said the ACLU represented Rhode Island residents who had to leave jobs just over the border in Massachusetts because of the policy. “The public is not well served when arbitrary barriers are placed in front of people who are trying to straighten their lives out,” he said.

The litigation began in September 2001 when four plaintiffs sued, calling the policy an unreasonable ban on their right to travel, engage in therapy and pursue job opportunities. They said travel limits should not be greater for sex offenders than other probationers, and they argued the department illegally implemented the policy by failing to follow notice and comment procedures under the Administrative Procedures Act.

In filing the suit, the four plaintiffs used pseudonyms and sought the court’s permission to continue litigating without using their real names. They said they “feared unusual scrutiny and adverse consequences owing to their status as sex offenders,” according to yesterday’s ruling.

But in January 2002, then-Superior Court Judge Stephen J. Fortunato Jr. denied those motions, giving the four plaintiffs 14 days to decide whether to proceed using their true names or to have their claims dismissed. The only plaintiff who chose to go forward was Joseph A. Pelland.

In 2004, a federal judge rejected constitutional claims by Pelland and sent other claims back to state court. The federal ruling identified Pelland, 43, as a North Providence resident who had pleaded guilty to second-degree child molestation in Superior Court in Kent County in January 1990. He was sentenced to 15 years on probation, according to the decision. The decision said Pelland had to leave his job as an auto parts deliveryman for a business in Franklin, Mass., because of the Department of Corrections policy.

In January 2005, Superior Court Judge Allen P. Rubine ruled against Pelland on the state claims, saying that a 2001 memo about the policy was an “internal guideline” and not a rule subject to the Administrative Procedures Act. Three days after that judgment was entered, Pelland’s probation ended. But Pelland still appealed, and other plaintiffs appealed their motions to use pseudonyms.

The plaintiffs argued that “the balance of interests militates in favor of allowing them to use pseudonyms because they have moved on with their lives, and revealing their identities as sex offenders at this time could have a deleterious effect on the families they have established and the employment they have secured,” the Supreme Court said. “Further, they express concerns about reprisals in their jobs and harassment in their communities.”

But the Supreme Court noted Pelland chose to go forward and that his name “was open on the public record for nearly a year before he sought any review of the decision to deny him the use of a pseudonym.” Also, the Supreme Court said Fortunato had undertaken the proper balancing test in determining whether the other plaintiffs should be allowed to use fake names in court.

In a footnote, the decision quoted Fortunato as saying, “There is a strong public interest in having all people who seek recourse in the courts to have their names disclosed.” Fortunato concluded that pseudonyms are warranted only in “extreme circumstances bordering on the threat of physical harm and violence,” saying, “a showing of simply some economic hardship or some embarrassment is not enough.”

The Supreme Court decision said, “It appears from the record that all the plaintiffs were required to be a part of the sex offender registry, and register with law enforcement in the town in which they reside.” And Fortunato said that in Rhode Island, members of the public or press can learn the identity of sex offenders because of the registration requirement. 
PELLAND, Joseph Albert (I14083)
430 Au moins une personne vivante ou marquée privée est liée à cette note - Les détails ne sont donc pas publiés. DAURAY, Gabrielle (I223978)
431 Bap PIERINI, Jean (I23645)
432 Bapt?eme: 30 mars 1646
Paroisse/ville: La Rochelle, Charente-Maritime 
PLATTE, Wenta (I102918)
433 Baptême dit Maxime, sépulture dit Onésime. DUFRESNE, Maxime Onésime Joseph (I15223)
434 Baptême dit Médéric PELLAND, Frédéric (I1259)
435 Baptême enregistré à St-Stanislas, Copper Cliff ON. PIERINI, Gino Lino (I23639)
436 Baptême enregistré à St-Stanislas, Copper Cliff ON. PIERINI, Joseph Robert (I23641)
437 Baptême enresistré à St-Stanislas, Copper Cliff ON sous le nom d'Eugene, PIERINI, Jean (I23645)
438 Baptisé Albert enterré sous Abéric. PELLAND, Abéric (I1266)
439 Baptisé Joseph Gilbert PELLAND, Gilbert Dosithé Aldor Hervé (I1959)
440 Baptisé Louis Joseph Paul PELLAND, Paul Émile Louis Joseph (I727)
441 Baptisé par Missire Yves MARTIN. Parrain : Pierre MARTIN fils de Julien le Jeune ; marraine : Perinne LE BOT femme de Julien GUEGAN. MARTIN, Julien (I39111)
442 Baptisé sous le nom de Bosley (Beausoleil) GORDON, Fredrick (I186290)
443 Baptisé sous le nom de Paul, enterré sous le nom d'Alexis PELLAND, Paul Martin (I671)
444 Baptisée sous le nom d'Eliane. PELLAND, Liliane Rose Marie (I3053)
445 Baptisée sous le nom de Catherine et enterrée sous le nom d'Angèle. PELLAND, Catherine Angèle (I88)
446 baptX donne Lela Mary Gertrude PELLAND, Lila Mae Gertrude (I8174)
447 Barb Pelland
23 décembre ·2015

With a heavy heart I must regretfully inform everyone that Pete Pelland, our brother passed away yesterday,in his home in West Orange, NJ, quietly and peacefully.

He was the beloved husband to Eva Dano Pelland, and father and mentor to Wez Pelham. His brother Gene Pelland, sister Mary Pelland Wolford, sister-in laws Anne Pelland and Jane Taylor Pelland, granddaughter Alexis, nephews, nieces will miss him enormously.

He was my best friend, and had a huge impact on my life and everyone that came in contact with him.

He was gentle man that loved all God's creatures.

Keep our family in your thoughts and prayers as we navigate this holiday season with a very heavy heart.

PELLAND, Peter David (I4319)
448 Barbara J. (Glowacki) Rousselle, age 76, of New Bedford, passed away Wednesday, January 8, 2014 at the Sacred Heart Nursing Home. She was the wife of Paul Rousselle to whom she had been married for 56 years.

Born in New Bedford, she was the daughter of the late Theodore P. and Alice R. (Martin) Glowacki. She lived most of her life in Acushnet and E. Freetown. She also wintered in Ft. Myers Beach, FL and spent time in Ogunquit, ME. A graduate of New Bedford High School, Mrs. Rousselle was employed as an office worker in Grant's Department Store and was an import broker for National Silver for over 30 years. She most recently was the owner of Dust Bunnies Be Gone for 10 years until her retirement.

Mrs. Rousselle enjoyed traveling, bowling with her daughters, spending time in her yard and family Sunday get togethers. She also made her classical piano debut in 1955.

In addition to her husband of 56 years she is survived by three daughters, Sharon Pelland and her husband Kevin of Freetown, Donna Mendes and her husband Ronald of New Bedford and Paula Eramo and her husband Jay Condrick of Westwood; seven grandchildren, Kerri, Tracy, Kevin Jr., Katie, Lauren, Renee and Jared; a brother-in-law, Joseph Medeiros; and two sisters-in-law, Jeannette Rodil and Claire Seguin. She was the sister of the late Marion R. Medeiros and Richard F. Glowacki.

Her funeral will be held on Monday, January 13, 2014 at 9AM from the Rock Funeral Home, 1285 Ashley Blvd., New Bedford followed by a Funeral Mass at 10AM in St. John Neumann Church, 157 Middleboro Rd., E. Freetown. Visiting hours Sunday 3-6PM. Burial in Pine Grove Cemetery. Flowers welcome or donations may be made to the , 480 Pleasant St., Watertown, MA 02472. 
GLOWACKI, Barbara (I12476)
449 Au moins une personne vivante ou marquée privée est liée à cette note - Les détails ne sont donc pas publiés. ZIEGLER, Baron Vaughn (I216581)
450 BARRE - Effie Smith Craige, 96, of Elmwood Avenue and a longtime resident of Lower Graniteville, died Saturday, January 11, 2003 in the Woodridge Nursing Home in Berlin.

Born August 20, 1906 in Graniteville, she was the daughter of Angus D. and Annabella (Murray) Smith. She attended Graniteville Schools and graduated from Spaulding High School in 1925 as Valedictorian of her class. She later completed the teacher training program at the high school.

On July 3, 1926, she married Leon J. "Cap" Craige in Lower Graniteville where they made their home. He died March 22, 1981. Since her husband's death, she had lived with her daughter and son-in-law, Linda and James Taylor in Barre and her daughter, Janet Tilley in Burlington.

Mrs. Craige was a life long member of the First Presbyterian Church of Graniteville, which her father helped to build. She enjoyed her family and her home.

Survivors include her son, Donald Craige and his wife, Corinne of Barefoot Bay, FL; son-in-law, James Taylor of Barre; twin daughters, Janet Tilley and Jane Couillard and her husband, Raymond all of Burlington; nine grandchildren, Craig Tilley and his wife, Janell of Houston, TX, Kenneth Tilley and his wife, Lynn of North Andover, MA, Dr. David Couillard and his wife, Patty Fone of Orangevale, CA, Gail Couillard of Burlington, Steven Craige and his wife, Rowena of Antioch, CA, Norman Craige and his wife, Anne of Williston, Pamela Craige of Grand Isle, Susan Strachan and her husband, Robbie of Graniteville, and Beth Taylor-Nolan and her husband, Jeff of Williston; ten great-grandchildren, Ryan and Michael Tilley, Eric and Nicole Couillard, Kimberly and Zachary Craige, Alex and Kelsey Craige, Ian Strachan, and Seamus Nolan; and two nieces, Margaret Caccavo and Judith Ayer.

Her daughter, Linda Taylor and two sisters, Annie Aimi and Mary Polli predeceased her.

A Service of Remembrance will be held on Wednesday, at 11:00 a.m. in the First Prebyterian Church of Graniteville. Later interment will be made in the Wilson Cemetery in Websterville. Friends may call at the Hooker and Whitcomb Funeral Home, 7 Academy Street, Barre, on Tuesday from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.

Contributions in her memory may be made to the First Presbyterian Chur 
SMITH, Effie Florence (I152754)

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