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301 August 6, 1906, page 4
Sudden End of Prominent Holyoke Business Man.

Leon Laporte, one of the well-known business men of Holyoke, was overcome by a hemorrhage at the corner of Dwight and Maple meets in that city yesterday morning, while on the way to his office on Hampden street, and died before a doctor could he brought to attend him. Mr. Laporte had been suffering from lung trouble for three or four years and it could be seen by his friends that he was failing slowly. Within the past year or two he had been subject to hemorrhages, which had left him in a weakened condition, but there was no thought that the danger was so imminent. He came to this city Saturday night and seemed in the best of spirits, and yesterday morning, while not feeling as well as he had sometimes, yet thought he would go to the office in his building on Hampden leaving his house a little before 8. His wife, when she tied his necktie far him yesterday morning, spoke to him, saying that he was losing flesh and getting, thinner, and he agreed, treating the matter in a pleasant manner. As he crossed Dwight street it was seen by a number on the street that he was acting as if ill, and at once the hemorrhage came. He supported himself by the mail box in front of the Porter drug store until assistance came, and he was taken into the store and seated and a physician summoned, but before a doctor could arrive he had died. Dr Hunt was the first to arrive sad he pronounced the man dead, and Medical Examiner Holyoke was notified, who gave permission for the man to be moved. Undertaker A. F. Gingras arriving shortly after and taking charge of the body, prior to Its being moved to his late home at 6 Essex street. His wife had been notified and was prostrated by the blow.

Mr. Laporte was born in the eastern part of Canada about 56 years ago, coming to Holyoke In 1865. where he started in business with his brother, M. J. Laporte. doing a general livery, express and furniture and piano- moving business. About 10, years later the brothers dissolved partnership and he opened up a place of his own, being on Front street for many years. A few Years ago he enlarged his business and took the building on Hampden street, where he had been located since. Starting in a small way, his business had increased from year to year until It had reached the present proportions. He took but little interest in politics and was not Identified with many of the secret societies, the only Society of which he was a member being the Red Men. He was one of the founders of the City co-operative bank and was one of Its directors for many years, he was married to Miss Elizabeth Pelland over 30 years ago and, besides her, he leaves one daughter, Mrs. Ernest Peltier, who is absent on a visit in Boston, and a son, Conrad, who was connected with his father in the business. He also leaves two brothers, M. J. Laporte and L. J. Laporte of Holyoke, and two sisters, Mrs. M. O. Parenteau of Springfield and Mrs. Jules Desrochers of Holyoke. The funeral arrangements will be announced later.

– Adapted from The Springfield Republican. 
LAPORTE, Léon Joseph (I18904)
302 August 8
Richard E. Dufresne
BENNINGTON – Richard E. "Rick" Dufresne, 44, died Aug. 8, 2000, at Southwestern Vermont Medical Center.
He was born in Bennington on May 27, 1956, son of the late Winfred and Marion (Knights) Dufresne.
He was educated in Bennington schools.
Mr. Dufresne married Deborah Weeks on Aug. 11, 1984, in Bennington.
He worked for various construction firms and at Southern Vermont Orchards. His also worked for the town of Bennington.
Mr. Dufresne was a former member of the Bennington Fire Department. He was active in sports with both the Bennington Little League and MAYAA football.
An avid outdoorsman, his hobbies included hunting and fishing.
Survivors include his wife, Deborah Dufresne of Bennington; a son, Jeremiah E. Dufresne of Bennington; five sisters, Theresa Mattison of Burlington, Deborah L. Dufresne of Pownal, Patricia Luczinski of North Adams, Mass., and Rose Marie Gabert of Bennington; six brothers, Winfred Dufresne Jr., Stephen Dufresne, Robert Dufresne, Timothy Dufresne, Christopher Dufresne and Armond Dufresne, all of Bennington; and several aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, and cousins.
Mr. Dufresne was predeceased by a sister, Sherri Ann Dufresne, who died in 1966.
The funeral will be held at the Mahar & Son Funeral Home on Friday at 11:30 a.m. with Deacon Penny Hawkins of St. Peters Episcopal Church officiating. Burial will be held in the Woodford Cemetery.
Friends my call at the Mahar & Son Funeral Home tonight from 6 to 8 p.m.
Memorial contributions may be made to Big Brothers/Big Sisters Program or the Vermont Chapter of the American Heart Association through the Mahar & Son Funeral Home, 628 Main St., Bennington, 05201.
Members of the Bennington Fire Department are asked to meet at the funeral home Thursday at 6:45 p.m. to conduct memorial services. 
DUFRESNE, Richard Edward (I105665)
303 aussi 1912 PARAZOO, Floyd Alan 'Bud' (I9667)
304 Aussi 28 sept 1905 LEFEBVRE, Beatrice A (I60242)
305 Au moins une personne vivante ou marquée privée est liée à cette note - Les détails ne sont donc pas publiés. ROBBINS, Pamela Joanne (I106383)
306 Autre date de décès 5 DEC 1947. PELLANT, Rosemary Virginia (I7390)
307 autre date de naissance 18 mar 1909 PELLAND, Marguerite (I1623)
308 autre date de naissance 1911 PELLAND, Priscilla Mary (I1624)
309 autre date de naissance 24 mai 1907 PELLAND, Hervé (I3606)
310 Au moins une personne vivante ou marquée privée est liée à cette note - Les détails ne sont donc pas publiés. PELLAND-GOYER, Florence (I20473)
311 Autre date de naissance 30 08 1927 Reg Pop.mar. PELLAND, Fernand Arthur Joseph (I4358)
312 autre date de naissance 4 oct 1914 PELLAND, Alphonse Georges Joseph (I2736)
313 autre date de naissance donn 1898 PELLAND, Alida Cécile Marie (I1308)
314 Autre date de naissance, 21 juin 1911. PELLAND, Elmore Joseph Henri (I1968)
315 autre date possible 29 déc 1895 ou mai 1895 PELLAND, Alcide Louis Zacharie Joseph (I374)
316 Au moins une personne vivante ou marquée privée est liée à cette note - Les détails ne sont donc pas publiés. DUFAULT, Ronald Henry (I18436)
317 autre née 5 fév 1857? PELLAND, Geneviève (I900)
318 Autre source donne 24 oct 1902. PELLAND, Ida Marie Philomène Alma (I2011)
319 Autre source donne d. 1939 MARQUIS, Yvonne (I22454)
320 Autre source donne décès 31 oct 1988 PELLAN, Alfred Albert Joseph (I1449)
321 Autre source sur Internet donne 1887 à Plattsburg NY GLADU, Méranée (I108344)
322 Autres parents Antoine Portier et Jeanne Solom PORTIER, Jeanne (I39809)
323 aux rec.66 et 67, au Cap-de-la-Madeleine
d après 1709, Cap-de-la-Madeleine
m vers 1665, Cap-de-la-Madeleine 
CREVIER, Nicolas (I43396)
324 aux rec.66 et 67, au Cap-de-la-Madeleine, maître chirurgien; au rec.81, à Champlain; cité 08-09-1647 Québec PINARD, Louis (I43061)
325 aux rec.66 et 67, au Cap-de-la-Madeleine; procureur fiscal du Cap-de-la-Madeleine; notaire royal 16-04-1669 au Cap-de-la-Madeleine et à Champlain 1687-1700, à Montréal 1700-1704 CUSSON, Jean (I43373)
326 aux rec.66 et 67, aux Trois-Rivières; au rec.81, à Champlain; cité 27-05-1646 Trois-Rivières; maître charpentier AUBUCHON, Jacques (I42919)
327 Avait un banc au premier rang de l'église de Berthier en 1818 - 15 livres de rente. PELLAND, Paul (I42)
328 Avait une fille EvangXne Taylor de Winnipeg. DUBOIS, Marie Louise Alma (I4643)
329 Avait vécu à Spokane WA ROCH, Ernestine (I1723)
330 Au moins une personne vivante ou marquée privée est liée à cette note - Les détails ne sont donc pas publiés. BONIN, Marcel (I67788)
331 Avec le fils d'Honoré Mercier, il a tenté de faire exploser la statue de Lord Nelson à Montréal. PELLAND, Étienne Lionel Joseph (I1018)
332 avocat SNOW, Leonard (I182420)
333 Avril 1984 selon California Death Index et mai 1984 selon SSDI PELLANT, Earl James C (I13600)
334 Axel Harvey
Born in Montreal, Axel Harvey studied history at Princeton University and the University of Toronto. Harvey has worked as a journalist, editor, translator, teacher, and astrologer. His articles on astrology have been published in books and journals, and on internet sites. He has lectured on astrology in the United States, Canada, and France. Axel Harvey is the founder of the Hirsig Society, a registered non-profit organization dedicated to disseminating astrological knowledge and preserving astrological texts. 
HARVEY, Axel (I56196)
335 ayant combattu en 1430 à la journée d'Anthon, cité dans une revision des feux (de Veurey? (Isère)) en 1448 DE SAINT-OURS, Antoine (I42851)
336 B. Eng. PELLAND, Kathryn Ann (I19396)
337 Au moins une personne vivante ou marquée privée est liée à cette note - Les détails ne sont donc pas publiés. PELLAND, Jason Kenneth (I31850)
338 Au moins une personne vivante ou marquée privée est liée à cette note - Les détails ne sont donc pas publiés. PELLAND, David Walter (I7320)
339 Ban upheld on offenders using fake names

01:00 AM EDT on Thursday, April 12, 2007

By Edward Fitzpatrick

Journal Staff Writer

PROVIDENCE — The state Supreme Court yesterday upheld a ruling that said four sex offenders couldn’t use fake names when suing over the strict out-of-state travel restrictions that apply to sex offenders on probation.

In the decision, the court did not address the underlying legal challenge to the restrictions, saying the question is moot now that the one sex offender who continued to pursue the litigation — using his real name — is off probation.

But the decision, written by Justice Francis X. Flaherty, leaves intact a lower court ruling that upheld the Department of Corrections policy that essentially prohibits sex offenders from leaving the state unless they have written permission in extremely narrow circumstances.

Corrections Director A.T. Wall noted the policy also has withstood a challenge in federal court, saying, “Both state and federal courts have taken the position that our department’s responsibility to protect the public allows us to restrict and regulate out-of-state travel by sex offenders.”

As for the use of pseudonyms, Wall said, “A criminal conviction is public information, and the court recognized that sex offenders should not be shielded in court proceedings.”

The American Civil Liberties Union represented the plaintiffs, and the executive director of the local ACLU affiliate, Steven Brown, said the Supreme Court ruling “really saves the issue for another day.” He said, “We were hoping the court would use this opportunity to address this issue, which does affect a lot of people and has created difficulty for a lot of people on probation.”

Brown said the ACLU represented Rhode Island residents who had to leave jobs just over the border in Massachusetts because of the policy. “The public is not well served when arbitrary barriers are placed in front of people who are trying to straighten their lives out,” he said.

The litigation began in September 2001 when four plaintiffs sued, calling the policy an unreasonable ban on their right to travel, engage in therapy and pursue job opportunities. They said travel limits should not be greater for sex offenders than other probationers, and they argued the department illegally implemented the policy by failing to follow notice and comment procedures under the Administrative Procedures Act.

In filing the suit, the four plaintiffs used pseudonyms and sought the court’s permission to continue litigating without using their real names. They said they “feared unusual scrutiny and adverse consequences owing to their status as sex offenders,” according to yesterday’s ruling.

But in January 2002, then-Superior Court Judge Stephen J. Fortunato Jr. denied those motions, giving the four plaintiffs 14 days to decide whether to proceed using their true names or to have their claims dismissed. The only plaintiff who chose to go forward was Joseph A. Pelland.

In 2004, a federal judge rejected constitutional claims by Pelland and sent other claims back to state court. The federal ruling identified Pelland, 43, as a North Providence resident who had pleaded guilty to second-degree child molestation in Superior Court in Kent County in January 1990. He was sentenced to 15 years on probation, according to the decision. The decision said Pelland had to leave his job as an auto parts deliveryman for a business in Franklin, Mass., because of the Department of Corrections policy.

In January 2005, Superior Court Judge Allen P. Rubine ruled against Pelland on the state claims, saying that a 2001 memo about the policy was an “internal guideline” and not a rule subject to the Administrative Procedures Act. Three days after that judgment was entered, Pelland’s probation ended. But Pelland still appealed, and other plaintiffs appealed their motions to use pseudonyms.

The plaintiffs argued that “the balance of interests militates in favor of allowing them to use pseudonyms because they have moved on with their lives, and revealing their identities as sex offenders at this time could have a deleterious effect on the families they have established and the employment they have secured,” the Supreme Court said. “Further, they express concerns about reprisals in their jobs and harassment in their communities.”

But the Supreme Court noted Pelland chose to go forward and that his name “was open on the public record for nearly a year before he sought any review of the decision to deny him the use of a pseudonym.” Also, the Supreme Court said Fortunato had undertaken the proper balancing test in determining whether the other plaintiffs should be allowed to use fake names in court.

In a footnote, the decision quoted Fortunato as saying, “There is a strong public interest in having all people who seek recourse in the courts to have their names disclosed.” Fortunato concluded that pseudonyms are warranted only in “extreme circumstances bordering on the threat of physical harm and violence,” saying, “a showing of simply some economic hardship or some embarrassment is not enough.”

The Supreme Court decision said, “It appears from the record that all the plaintiffs were required to be a part of the sex offender registry, and register with law enforcement in the town in which they reside.” And Fortunato said that in Rhode Island, members of the public or press can learn the identity of sex offenders because of the registration requirement. 
PELLAND, Joseph Albert (I14083)
340 Bap PIERINI, Jean (I23645)
341 Baptême dit Maxime, sépulture dit Onésime. DUFRESNE, Maxime Onésime Joseph (I15223)
342 Baptême dit Médéric PELLAND, Frédéric (I1259)
343 Baptême enregistré à St-Stanislas, Copper Cliff ON. PIERINI, Gino Lino (I23639)
344 Baptême enregistré à St-Stanislas, Copper Cliff ON. PIERINI, Joseph Robert (I23641)
345 Baptême enresistré à St-Stanislas, Copper Cliff ON sous le nom d'Eugene, PIERINI, Jean (I23645)
346 Baptisé Albert enterré sous Abéric. PELLAND, Abéric (I1266)
347 Baptisé Joseph Gilbert PELLAND, Gilbert Dosithé Aldor Hervé (I1959)
348 Baptisé Louis Joseph Paul PELLAND, Paul Émile Louis Joseph (I727)
349 Baptisé par Missire Yves MARTIN. Parrain : Pierre MARTIN fils de Julien le Jeune ; marraine : Perinne LE BOT femme de Julien GUEGAN. MARTIN, Julien (I39111)
350 Baptisé sous le nom de Bosley (Beausoleil) GORDON, Fredrick (I186290)

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