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2701 We are excited to have one of our dear precious saints to reach the 100 milestone. A very special Happy Birthday to our own Ruth Pelland. We are thrilled to be able to celebrate number 100 with her. Ruth Laney was born on January 10, 1910, near Ariton, Alabama. In 1944, she married Laurin Kenneth Pelland. She is the mother of two sons, six grandchildren, nine great grandchildren and one great-great grandchild. She attended Troy State Teachers College and received her degree in Elementary Education from the University of Alabama. She taught in the public schools for 41 years. Mrs. Pelland has traveled to 15 foreign countries and every state in the United States. She is an inspiration to each one of us. Thank you, Mrs. Ruth! I hope that I live to be 100 and to be as active as you continue to be. Happy Birthday again to you! LANEY, Ruth (I2437)
2702 Wedding
Mr. and Mrs. Alan E.
Mendelsohn of Wilmington announce
the marriage of their
daughter, Karen Beth, to Mr. Mark
L. Pelland, son of Mr. and Mrs.
Albert Pelland of Troy, NY.
The wedding took place in
Castleton, NY. at Herbert's Banquet
House, on April 6. The bnde
was attended by her maid of
honor, Judy Cox and her bridesmaids
Marty Pantaleo and Liz Perruccio,
ail fnends of the bnde and
The groom was attended by his
best man, Albert Sitzer, his
brother-in-law, and his ushers
Michael Barker, fnend of the bnde
and groom, and Vince Gabriel, the
groom s brother-in-law.
The former Ms. Mendelsohn is a
1980 graduate of Lake Placid High
School and has lived in the Albany
area since 1985. She is employed
by Regal An Press in Troy as an
account coordinator. Mr. Pelland
is onginally from Troy and is
employed by J. Becker and Sons in
Albany, as a sales coordinator
After a honeymoon tnp to
Hawaii, the couple now resides in
Cohoes, NY. 
MENDELSOHN, Karen Beth (I61330)
2703 Au moins une personne vivante ou marquée privée est liée à cette note - Les détails ne sont donc pas publiés. Famille F106226
2704 WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 15, 2008

Spence-Thomas founder and namesake Patrick Spence-Thomas passed away Sunday October 12 2008 at St Michael's hospital in Toronto. With family and close friends by his side, Patrick expressed that his body was “all used up”, and left us quietly without his usual fanfare. Few people who knew Patrick will ever forget him.
Patrick started in this business in 1962 at Ottawa’s famed Crawley Films, after a failed career as an electronics salesman. Crawley’s was a hot bed of young talent and many alumni have gone on to prominent careers elsewhere. Soon however, the life of a junior sound technician became too mundane for Patrick and he set out on his own. With a small amount of money from his father, Patrick purchased a Nagra III recorder in 1964 and hung out his shingle as a freelance sound recordist. This is when Patrick really came in to his own. Working on programs such as “This Hour has Seven Day” and CBC’s News Magazine, Patrick was traveling the world, collecting many of his future stories. In the early to mid 60’s Patrick experienced many extraordinary events, he traveled with Martin Luther King to accept his Nobel Prize, he was in Mississippi when the Civil rights workers were found buried in a dam, he traveled to the Sinai and recorded Yasser Ararfat in a cave, and he spent 2 weeks on top of a mountain in Vietnam during the American military escalation. By 1967, and with a young family, Patrick felt it was time to come in from the cold. He purchased some aging film sound dubbers, cobbled together a home made mixing desk and opened for business at 290 Jarvis Street in Toronto. We like to call this Spence-Thomas version 1.0. Located just down the road from the CBC headquarters he concentrated on small news and documentary style mixing and with only 5 playback tracks available to him that was about all that could be reasonably expected. During these early studio years, partly due to his enthusiasm and partly to cost effective pricing, Patrick began to help foster the talents of young canadian film makers. Very many of this countries best directors and producers mixed their first films with Patrick Spence-Thomas.
In 1971, with new client CTV booking more time in his studio, Patrick moved the company north by about 6 blocks, to 45 Charles Street across the street from CTV headquarters. With Spence-Thomas as the first tenant in the building this location would come to attract multitudes of film related businesses. Owning a mixing studio however did not prevent Patrick from picking up one of his trusty Nagras and going back on the road. In the late 60 and throughout the 70’s Patrick recorded sound for numerous projects including Ivan Reitman’s Foxy Lady (1971), Paul Almond’s Journey (1972) with Genevieve Bujold, and 1973 film The Rainbow Boys directed by Gerald Potterton, starring Donald Pleasence, Kate Reid, and Don Calfa.
By the early 1980’s Patrick’s old film mixing system from the 60’s was now very old indeed. With only a few externally crafted new additions to our inventory over the previous decade we were well overdue for an upgrade. Patrick was hesitant, mostly we believe, because he could not manufacture the equipment himself. Finally at the insistence of CTV’s Jack McGaw, Patrick approached the bank for a loan to upgrade, and we have never looked back. We had a whole 16 tracks to work with, what ever would Patrick do with that many.
Around this same time he also splurged and purchased his first personal computer, a 128k Macintosh (the very first model). With almost no software available at the time, there was very little reason for the business to own such a machine, but Patrick loved its potential. The day that Patrick left home for the Hospital this last time, he was seated in front of his newest latest greatest most powerful Macintosh (he had very little use for a computer this powerful but how he wanted it).
During the rest of the 80’s and 90’s the company continued to expand technically, never looking back to those early hand made days. Patrick was at the controls, continuously excited by every new gizmo. During the past decade and a half the studio moved twice more, acquired a second studio location and grew into the “Small Studio that Could”. Patrick was at the helm the entire time.
Sometime in around 1990 Patrick withdrew from the mixing chair preferring to let those younger and with more energy work the late night sessions. He was never far away though, and even as his hours and days in studio dwindled, he would make an appearance regularly to regale clients and staff alike with one of his fantastic stories or tidbits of filmmaking wisdom.
Patrick’s perpetual enthusiasm was the cornerstone of our little company, and we hope that we can carry on this legacy in the future. Besides who will every forget his jolly voice.

Patrick Spence-Thomas
“March Fourth“ 1933 to October 12th 2008

if you would like to attend a celebration for Patrick please visit our Special web site here 
SPENCE-THOMAS, Patrick Humphries (I105443)
2705 Au moins une personne vivante ou marquée privée est liée à cette note - Les détails ne sont donc pas publiés. BORDEN, Robert Alex (I217915)
2706 WFT 6 Quatre enfants Sherry, Jeanna, Andrea et Neil. PELLAND, Frances (I8404)
2707 What can I say about my three brothers? Where do I begin?
Well, Carl is currently in Texas completing his studies with Master of Arts in Humanities at the U of Texas having been in the Legionarios De Cristo seminary for 9 years. Tyler is working for the Randall Inspection Services, doing radiation testing for oil and oil services companies in Cold Lake, Alberta Canada. Lyle is working as a Project Manager for Bird Construction Managment Inc in Calgary, Alberta Canada having recently been married (in Sept 2006) and now expecting a child in 2007. We had fond memories together as children, especially the times that I had to look
after them in our later years when both parents were working. I sort of got the
nickname Major Tom (after the song) for being overly regimented in my rules. But we also had fun with my gazillion copied games for my Commodore Vic-20 and Commodore 64 computers. There were also the times we watched
descrambled Movie stations and copied VHS movies. Those were the days..... Let's face it, I have become the person I am through the influences of my family and friends. What better way to recognize that other than to have them involved in my wedding?

We now play multi-player shoot-em-up games on linked X-boxes together (and other games). But it was the goofy early 80's video games, movies like Star Wars and Rocky - goofy films like MegaForce and the Pirate Movie, and our endless collection of Star Wars, GI Joe, Transformer toys that jog my memory. Oh yeah! I almost forgot the long hours of the night playing those Axis and Allies board games. 
MIRON, Dale (I239920)
2708 Au moins une personne vivante ou marquée privée est liée à cette note - Les détails ne sont donc pas publiés. BEAUCHANE, Grace E (I129713)
2709 Whooping cough PELLAND, Georgette Adrienne Marie (I56133)

Fils d'Antiochos, g?en?eral de Philippe II, S?eleucos accompagne Alexandre dans la conqu?ete de l'Asie en qualit?e d'officier dans la cavalerie des Compagnons. Apr?es s'?etre notamment distingu?e en Inde en 326, il est d?esign?e, ?a la mort d'Alexandre en 323, hipparque, commandement prestigieux qu'ont exerc?e avant lui H?ephaistion et Perdiccas. Il passe ainsi ?a c?ot?e de la distribution des satrapies. Membre de l'entourage du chiliarque Perdiccas dont il commande la cavalerie, il fait partie, avec Peithon, du complot des officiers qui l'assassinent en 321 lors de la campagne en ?Egypte contre Ptol?em?ee. ? l'occasion du second partage de Triparadisos, il re?coit la satrapie de Babylonie, succ?edant ?a Archon en place depuis les accords de Babylone (323). Il occupe donc une r?egion centrale en Asie, ce qui affirme les ambitions d'un homme opini?atre et de talent.

En 318-317, S?eleucos prend part pour Antigone le Borgne dans le conflit qui l'oppose ?a Eum?ene de Cardia, strat?ege du r?egent Polyperchon. Eum?ene lui livre bataille sur les rives de l?Euphrate et s?empare de la citadelle de Babylone. Eum?ene tente par la suite de traverser le Tigre mais S?eleucos fait inonder le passage en rompant les digues d?un canal. Craignant que sa satrapie ne soit occup?ee, S?eleucos finit par proposer une tr?eve ?a Eum?ene. Vainqueur de ce dernier, Antigone occupe la Babylonie en 3163, affichant l'ambition de reconstituer ?a son profit l'empire d'Alexandre. S?eleucos fuit alors en ?Egypte et forme une coalition avec Ptol?em?ee, Cassandre et Lysimaque. La d?efaite inflig?ee par Ptol?em?ee ?a D?em?etrios (fils d'Antigone), ?a Gaza en 312, lui permet de reconqu?erir sa satrapie et de se lancer dans la conqu?ete des provinces iraniennes. Antigone, apr?es avoir fait la paix avec ses autres adversaires en se faisant reconna?itre l'int?egralit?e de l'Asie se consacre exclusivement ?a S?eleucos mais est d?efinitivement repouss?e en 308, battu dans une grande bataille par S?eleucos, alors que Ptol?em?ee s'attaquait ?a ses territoires occidentaux ; S?eleucos en profite pour ?etendre sa domination des hautes satrapies d'Asie (Perse, M?edie, Susiane, Drangiane, Sogdiane, Arie, etc.), jusqu'?a l'Inde (entre 310 et 308). ? partir de 308, il engage contre le prince indien Chandragupta Maurya un long conflit qui se r?egle par un trait?e de paix en 303 : S?eleucos doit abandonner les satrapies indiennes de l'empire (Gandh?ara), ainsi que les parties orientales de l'Arachosie et de la G?edrosie, mais il parvient ?a conserver la Bactriane. Cet ?echange de territoires s'accompagne d'une alliance scell?ee par un mariage entre une princesse s?eleucide (non identifi?ee) et l'empereur maurya. S?eleucos envoie ?egalement M?egasth?ene en ambassade ?a la cour de Pataliputra sur le Gange et re?coit un contingent de 500 ?el?ephants de guerre. C'est traditionnellement ?a cette p?eriode que l'on situe le d?ebut de la formation de l'Empire s?eleucide. 
SYRIA, Seleucus I Nicator King of (I198192)
2711 Wilbur Zarr


Funeral services for Wilbur Zarr, 80, of Michigan City, Ind., were held Jan. 17 at the Kisselburg-Wauconda Funeral Home, Wauconda. Born April 18, 1924, in Michigan City, he died Jan. 12 at St. Anthony Memorial Health Center.

Mr. Zarr married Ruth Bohnstadt in Michigan City on Nov. 25, 1950. He had been employed with Jewel Tea Co. as a truck driver for 26 years before retiring. He was a U.S. Army veteran of World War II. He was a member of Faith Lutheran Church, Spooner, Wis., a lifetime member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars and a member of Teamsters Union Local 710, Chicago.

In addition to his wife, Mr. Zarr is survived by his children, Will (Ann) of Canfield, Ohio, Sharon (Bill) Douglas of New Middletown, Ohio, John (Mary) of Lake Zurich, Terry of Island Lake and Pinky (David) Pelland of Mesa, Ariz.; his brother, Vernon Gaw of Michigan City; 13 grandchildren; and 13 great-grandchildren.

He was preceded in death by his parents, John H. and Florence (née Walker); one brother; and one sister.

Memorials may be made to St. Paul Lutheran Church of Michigan City. Arrangements were made with the Carlisle Funeral Home, Michigan City. 
ZARR, Wilbur (I36110)
2712 William au recensement de 1940. GADOURY, Joseph Emilien (I36636)
2713 Au moins une personne vivante ou marquée privée est liée à cette note - Les détails ne sont donc pas publiés. MUSHTARE, William J (I143668)
2714 William John Carter Jr.
June 18, 2010
William John Carter, Jr., 30, of Pembroke, died unexpectedly June 18 in Chicago, Illinois. He was the beloved son of William J. Carter of Pembroke and Kathleen (Bickford) Pelland of Pembroke, loving brother of Kristen M. Carter of Tampa, FL, and grandson of Grace L. Quirk of FL and Eleanor J. Demaris of Plymouth. Visiting hours will be held on Tuesday July 6th 4-8 pm at the Shepherd Funeral Home 7 Mattakeesett St. (Rte 14 Pembroke Center) Pembroke. Memorial donations may be made to: The Billy Carter Memorial Fund c/o Citizens Bank Stop & Shop Branch:125 Church St. Pembroke, MA 02359. 
SMITH, Kimberly (I4304)
2715 Au moins une personne vivante ou marquée privée est liée à cette note - Les détails ne sont donc pas publiés. PELLAND, William Frederick (I4532)
2716 William Pelland, fils prétendu d'Arthur Pelland et Sarah Morgan est né bien après le décès d'Arthur et ne peut être son fils. PELLAND, Arthur (I2002)
2717 WILLIAM-A. PAYETTE, entrepreneur de pompes funèbres et embaumeur,
né à Saint-Gabriel de Brandon, le 18 avril 1879. d'Honoré et d'Hermine Lavoie;
-marié à Mlle Flore Breault; père de 8 enfants; membre des F.-F.-A., des F.-T.;
3)ropriétaire et voteur; reçu embaumeur en 1903. 
PAYETTE, William A (I181391)
2718 WILLIAMSTOWN: Newspaper Obituary and Death Notice
Berkshire Eagle, The (Pittsfield, MA) - Tuesday, May 18, 2004
92, of 475 Water St. died Saturday at Sweet Brook Care Centers.

Born in Chazy, N.Y., on Oct. 2, 1911, son of Wilbur and Mary Caymour, Lucier he attended schools in Williamstown, including the former Spring Street School.

Mr. Lucier was employed by Cornish Wire Co. from 1953 to 1977. He also had owned and operated the former Twin Brook Bar and Restaurant in Lanesboro. Before that, he was caretaker for the Cluett estate and had been employed for 20 years by the Galusha family at Fairfield Farm on Green River Road.

He was a longtime member and sergeant with the National Guard's Company K in North Adams and a volunteer driver for the Red Cross for more than 15 years. He was a former member of the Williamstown Board of Health and enjoyed reading and gardening.

His wife, the former Lucienne Lepicier, whom he married in 1938, died Feb. 17, 1977.

He leaves a son, Victor Lucier of Carlisle; two brothers, Louis Lucier and Warren Lucier, both of the state of Nevada, and two grandchildren.

FUNERAL NOTICE -- The funeral for Marvin W. Lucier, who died May 15, 2004, will be conducted Thursday at 2 at Sherman Burbank Memorial Chapel, Williamstown, by the Rev. Penny Rich Smith, pastor of Second Congregational Church of South Williamstown. Burial will follow in the family plot in Southlawn Cemetery, South Williamstown. Calling hours at FLYNN & DAGNOLI-MONTAGNA HOME FOR FUNERALS, West Chapels, 521 West Main St., North Adams, will be Thursday from 11:30 to 1:30. Memorial donations are suggested for Charles H. McCann Technical School in North Adams through the funeral home. Survivors include a very good friend, Mert Geist of Williamstown; two grandsons, Peter and Robert Lucier, and a daughter-in-law, Marly Lucier. He was predeceased by a brother, Ernest Cross. 
LÉPICIER, Lucien (I133944)
2719 WILMA CHARBONEAU, Oct. 14, 1925: Wilma Hines Charboneau was born in Woodville on Oct. 14, 1925, and will celebrate her 80th birthday this year. She is the oldest child of Sara Hines.

She married the love of her life, Albert "Bert" Raymond Charboneau at the tender age of 17, and stayed together for 60 years. She had five children -- three sons and two daughters.

She enjoys being with her 10 grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren. Her son and daughter would like to wish her happy birthday and invite friends and family to visit her on this special occasion for cake and ice cream. Cards and wishes can be sent to 669 L St. in Idaho Falls.

Post Register (Idaho Falls, ID)

October 20, 2005

Section: Community
Page: C05 
MURPHY, Wilma (I107605)
2720 Winifred Amiot
United States Census, 1920
Nom: Winifred Amiot
Type d'événement: Census
Date de l'événement: 1920
Lieu de l'événement: Lansing Ward 6, Ingham, Michigan, United States
Sexe: Female
Âge: 35
Statut marital: Single
Race: White
Race (original): White
Peut lire: Yes
Peut écrire: Yes
Lien avec le chef de ménage: Daughter
Lien avec le chef de ménage (original): Daughter
Année de naissance (estimée): 1885
Lieu de naissance: Michigan
Lieu de naissance du père: Canada
Lieu de naissance de la mère: Michigan
Lettre feuille: A
Numéro de la feuille: 4
Lieu de naissance
Salome C Amiot
Winifred Amiot
Edward C Amiot
Mary Bigelow
AMIOT, Winifred A (I259761)
2721 Au moins une personne vivante ou marquée privée est liée à cette note - Les détails ne sont donc pas publiés. PELLAND, Kayleb (I67531)
2722 Winona Post (MN) - Sunday, January 6, 2008
Deceased Name: Carlson, Wilbert
Wilbert M. Carlson, age 89, of Wabasha, formerly of Cloquet, died Wednesday, January 2, 2008, at Iowa Methodist Hospital in Des Moines, IA. He was born April 30, 1918, in Cloquet, the son of Arthur and Esther (Angell) Carlson. He was a graduate of Cloquet High School. He served in the U.S. Army from 1941-1945. On July 4, 1944, he married Myrtle Fournier in Paso Robles, CA. Following the service he returned to Cloquet and worked for 42 years for the Potlatch Paper Company, retiring in 1980. The couple spent their winters following his retirement in Florida and their summers at their cabin at Island Lake, MN. Later they moved to Wabasha for the summer months to be near their daughters. Because of his failing health they moved permanently to Wabasha in 1998.

Wilbert is survived by his wife, Myrtle Carlson, Wabasha, MN; daughters, Judy Arens, Durand, WI, Jane Kampa, Wabasha, MN; sons and daughters-in-law, Larry and Kathy Carlson, Carlton, MN, Scott Carlson, Holyoke, MN; five grandchildren, Kate Carlson, Bill and Joseph Arens, April (Nate) Larson and Kyle Kampa; six great-grandchildren; brothers and sisters-in-law, Melvin and Elsa Carlson, Cloquet, MN, Arthur Carlson, Cloquet, MN; sister and brother-in-law, Pauline and Jim Johnson, Blythewood, SC; nieces and nephews. Son, Dale Carlson, son-in-law, Calvin Kampa, brothers, George and Elrude Carlson and sister, Lilly Carlson, preceded him in death.

A memorial service will be held on Saturday, January 5, 2008 at 11:00 am at the Abbott Funeral Home in Wabasha with the Reverend Milo Ernster officiating. Friends may call at the funeral home one hour before the service on Saturday. Personal messages may be sent to the family at The Abbott Funeral Home of Wabasha is in charge of arrangements. 
CARLSON, Wilbert Marvin (I216492)
2723 Au moins une personne vivante ou marquée privée est liée à cette note - Les détails ne sont donc pas publiés. TOURVILLE, Michael Charles (I220237)
2724 Au moins une personne vivante ou marquée privée est liée à cette note - Les détails ne sont donc pas publiés. GRENIER, Patrick Thomas (I190571)
2725 Woman pleads guilty to killing her mother

email print

Posted Sep. 11, 2002 at 12:01 AM
Updated Jan 12, 2011 at 5:04 PM

NEW BEDFORD -- An Attleboro woman who fatally stabbed her mother was sentenced Monday to life in prison, but under a plea agreement is eligible for release in 20 years.

Patricia Laboissiere, 40, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder. She originally was charged with first-degree murder, which has no parole eligibility, in the stabbing death of her mother, Julia Bradshaw.

Laboissiere is eligible for parole in 15 years, but must serve an additional five years, as part of the plea deal, after pleading guilty to assault and battery on her 67-year-old mother.

Laboissiere, who suffers from clinical depression, was arrested after calling police and admitting that she stabbed her mother Oct. 27, 2000.

Assistant District Attorney Cynthia Brackett quoted Laboissiere as calling her mother her "lifelong enemy" and said she stabbed her because she was frustrated, according to the Sun-Chronicle of Attleboro.

Superior Court Judge David A. McLaughlin imposed the mandatory sentence after hearing impact statements from family members, including the victim's husband, Carl.

"My wife and I did everything possible for her," Brackett read from Carl Bradshaw's statement, noting that they helped raise their granddaughter.

Constance Seay visited her sister in prison, but said Laboissiere would not apologize or express remorse.

"Patricia took a wonderful life away and that's what she deserves for herself," Brackett quoted from Seay's statement.

Drew Segadelli, Laboissiere's lawyer, said that if the case went to trial, he would have argued that his client lacked criminal responsibility because of her mental condition.

This story appeared on Page A8 of The Standard-Times on September 11, 2002. 
BRADSHAW, Patricia (I221821)
2726 Worcester Telegram & Gazette (MA)

August 21, 2004

Edition: ALL
Section: DEATHS
Page: A4

Index Terms:

Francis Rene LaPlume


Article Text:

LEOMINSTER Francis Rene LaPlume, 69, of 72 Sylvan Ave., died Thursday, August 19, in Worcester Medical Center.

He leaves his wife of 45 years, Mary Jane (LaFlamme) LaPlume; 2 sons, Kenneth F. LaPlume of Leominster and Francis K. LaPlume of Fitchburg; 1 brother, Arthur LaPlume of Leominster; 1 sister, Louise Lemoine of Leominster; 1 grandson, Ryan James LaPlume.

The funeral with Military Honors, will be held Monday, August 23, at 11:00 A.M. in St. Cecilia’s Church, 180 Mechanic St., Leominster.

There are no calling hours.

In lieu of flowers, memorial donations may be made in his memory to the Joslin Diabetes Center, Inc., 1 Joslin Place, Boston, MA 02215, or to the American Cancer Society, Natick Business Park, 6 Strathmore Road, Natick, MA 01760-2419.

M.A. Simard & Son Funeral Home, 14 Walker St., Leominster is directing arrangements. 
LAPLUME, Francis René (I190330)
2727 Worcester Telegram & Gazette (MA)

January 7, 1990

Page: B3

Index Terms:

Author: David T. Turcotte; Staff Reporter


Article Text:

LEOMINSTER - Edmund D. LaPlume doesn't wear a rumpled suit and kick in doors and a .45-caliber pistol dosen't dangle under his armpit.

At age 60, the Westboro resident isn't about to climb drainpipes to spy on errant husbands or straying wives.

But he is a detective, or as his letterhead reads, licensed investigator.

"That is an image that I don't want anything to do with," he says of a reference to television's Mike Hammer.


The facts seem to bear him out: dark suit, matching shirt and tie; a neat office that overlooks downtown Leominster; walls filled with diplomas and certificates and, of course, his investigator's license.

The paperwork on the walls hints at another career, the 31 years that LaPlume spent in the criminal justice system as a police officer in Leominster and Fort Lauderdale, Fla., and later as a ranking official at the Worcester County Jail and House of Correction.

"I decided that I wanted to do something with my time after I retired," LaPlume said about making the transition to private investigator in a third-floor office at 25 Manning Ave.

LaPlume said that Tracers International is an appropriate name for his business because he focuses on finding people, anywhere.


"There is an awful lot of work out there," he said, referring not only to finding lost heirs but also in offering personel protection, security consulting, high-tech security and courier service.

"What I want to do is find people as well as missing stocks, insurance policies, other people who have inherited things such as money, gold or land."

In the Leominster area, security seems to be the big concern, said the man who spent most of his adult life keeping people in jail rather than keeping them out of places.

He laughed when asked if he found the change amusing: "Let's put it this way," he said, "we know who we have to keep out. Over years of experience, you get to know the element."

Keeping them out ought to be a lot easier than keeping them in, he said.

LaPlume said the business, which is just getting started, is essentially a one- or two-man operation.

Alfred R. Brassard, a constable, former deputy sheriff and current city councilor, works with his life-long friend. And, LaPlume says, there are other people waiting in the wings that he will put to work when the need arises.

The people who will work for him will be off-duty or retired police officers. "There is nothing greater, I think, than an off-duty state policeman or retired state policeman who has had all that knowledge over the years and can apply it in a number of areas," LaPlume said.

"You just can't walk off the street and be a detective. You've got to have the background within the criminal justice field," he said.


Unlike television detective programs, the real investigator spends many hours just sitting in cars watching buildings or looking up records. "It's not Mike Hammer, it's tiresome nights," he said.

It also is expensive.

LaPlume recalled that he had an offer to find the owner of two $500 stock certificates but that he refused the job after he informed the client that his fee would eat up most of the stock value.

A case he is working on involves trying to find the natural father of a young man who was adopted many years ago. He said he also is working as a security consultant to a project that is being built.

"It is interesting work," LaPlume said of the kinds of cases that are available. "The difference here is that I can pick and choose."

He said the best cases are those involving lost heirs trying to find someone who has something coming that has been lost for years and years.

LaPlume said he does not regret a day of his former career, despite the political battle with Sheriff John M. Flynn that brought it to a close.

"I just wanted to stay in, so I got my license and I'm going to continue to work at it," he said.

Then, turning to his interviewer, he joked:

"I would like the article to read "Sitting in his elaborate office, the phone ringing off the hook ...

"No. I wouldn't want the phone ringing off the hook. I don't want to be that busy.

Edmund D. LaPlume ... licensed investigator. 
LAPLUME, Edmund (I190374)
2728 Worcester Telegram & Gazette (MA) - December 13, 1998

OXFORD - Miss Jo Anne M. Pelland and Raymond Joseph Gallant were married in St. Ann's Church. The bride, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William F. Pelland of Orchard Street, South Grafton, is a graduate of Quinsigamond Community College, Worcester. She is employed by Bose, Corp., Framingham. The bridegroom, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Gallant of Lexington Avenue, Leicester, is a graduate of WPI, Worcester. He is employed by Raytheon, Waltham. 
PELLAND, Jo Anne Marie (I41319)
The wrestling mrtch pulled off at
St. Paul last Thursday evening between
Jerry Pelland, of St. Paul, and O. R.
Kolsman, of Montana, proved to be a
long drawn out affair with no falls.
After wrestling for one hour and eight
minutes the St. Paul man, who was the
aggressor throughout, gave up, and the
referee calld th match a draw and de
clared all bets off. The Montana man
gave Pelland any ml every hold that
he wanted and broke each one so easily
that there was no chance for Pelland to
even turn him over. .,,.,.,
At no time during the match did the
Montana man attempt to take the ag
gressive and seemed to be playing a
waiting game, knowing that the other
man could not throw him. The referee
stated that a return match would be
pulled off In 30 days, but it seems
doubtful whether the St. Paul man will
care to take another chance on such a
hard proposition. Woodburn Independent.

Daily Capital Journal., August 28, 1915 
PELLAND, Gerald Francis (I215)
2730 Written by BEACON
Tue, Mar 20 07
Colin J. Coutu Sr. U.S. Army veteran Colin J. Coutu Sr., 58, of Grand View Drive, a retired cood, died March 14, 2007, in the V.A. Regional Medical Center, Providence. A veteran of the United States Army, he served in Viet Nam and received the National Service Defense Medal, two overseas bars, and the Viet Nam Service Medal. He was the father of Colin J. Coutu Jr. and Kelly Machado, both of North Providence; and the brother of Valerie J. Brierly and Leo F. Coutu Jr., both of Warwick, and Peter F. Coutu of North Providence. Mr. Coutu was an avid golfer and sports fan. His funeral was held March 19 in The Urquhart-Murphy Funeral Home, 800 Greenwich Ave., Warwick, followed by a burial with full military honors in The Rhode Island Veterans Memorial Cemetery, Exeter. In lieu of flowers, gifts in his memory to the Viet Nam Veterans of America, 8605 Cameron St., Silver Spring, MD 20910, would be appreciated. 
COUTU, Colin J (I81803)
2731 WWII navy, died self-inflicted gun wound. PELLANT, Lawrence Henry (I7387)


Guillermo V 'il Vecchio' was born about 1115, the son of Raniero, marchese de Monferrato, and Gisela de Bourgogne. He was described by Acerbo Morena as of medium height and compact build, with a round, somewhat ruddy face and hair so fair as to be almost white. He was eloquent, intelligent and good-humoured, generous but not extravagant. Dynastically he was extremely well-connected: a nephew of Pope Calixtus II, a half-brother of Amadeo III, comte de Savoie, a brother-in-law of Louis VI 'the Fat' of France (through his half-sister Ad?ele de Savoie), and cousin of Alfonso VII of Castile.

In 1133 he married Judith von ?Osterreich, daughter of Leopold III von ?Osterreich, Markgraf von der Ostmark, and Agnes von Franken. They had several children, of whom five would have progeny, including his eldest son Guillermo VII.

The _vida_ (brief biography) of the troubadour Raimbaut de Vaqueiras claims that his daughter Beatrix, who married Enrico, marquis del Caretto, is the _Bel Cavalher_ (Fair Knight) of Vaqueiras' songs. However the lyrics of Vaqueiras' songs (as opposed to the later _vida_) describe Beatrix as daughter of Guillermo's son Boniface, and thus Guillermo's granddaughter.

Guillermo and Judith's powerful dynastic connections created difficulties in finding suitable wives for his sons; too many potential spouses were related within prohibited degrees. In 1167 he unsuccessfully tried to negotiate marriages for his eldest sons to daughters of Henry II of England - but the girls were very young at the time and related through Judith's descent from Guillaume V-VII, duke of Aquitaine, comte de Poitou. He then applied for sisters of William I of Scotland, who were not related, but were already married.

Guillermo took part in the Second Crusade, alongside his half-brother Amadeo III de Savoie (who died during the campaign), his nephew Louis VII of France, his brother-in-law Guido, conte di Biandrate, and his wife's German and Austrian relatives.

As supporters of the imperial party (later known as the Ghibellines), he and his sons fought with Emperor Friedrich I Barbarossa (Judith's nephew) in his lengthy struggle against the Lombard League. Following Barbarossa's capitulation with the Peace of Venice in 1177, Guillermo was left to deal with the rebellious towns in the area alone. Meanwhile, the Byzantine emperor Manuel I Komnenos sought support for his own politics in Italy.

Guillermo broke with Barbarossa and formed an alliance with Manuel. His eldest surviving son Conrad was taken prisoner by Barbarossa's chancellor, Archbishop Christian of Mainz, but then captured the chancellor in battle at Camerino. In 1179 Manuel suggested a marriage between his daughter Maria Komnena, second in line to the throne, and one of Guillermo's sons. As Conrad and Boniface were already married, the youngest son Rainer was married off to the princess, who was ten years his senior. Rainer and Maria were later killed during the usurpation of Andronicus I Komnenos, and the family rebuilt ties with Barbarossa.

In 1183, with the accession of his grandson Baudouin V, a minor, as co-king of Jerusalem, Guillermo, then in his late sixties, left the government of Monferrato to Conrad and Boniface, and returned to the east. He was granted the castle of St. Elias (present day El Taiyiba). He fought in the Battle of Hattin in 1187, where he was captured by Saladin's forces. In the meantime his son Conrad had arrived at Tyre from Constantinople. Conrad was given the command of the defences. During the siege of Tyre in November that year, he is said to have refused to surrender as much as a stone of its walls to liberate his father, even threatening to shoot him with a crossbow himself when Saladin had him presented as a hostage. Eventually Saladin withdrew his army from Tyre. In 1188 Guillermo was released unharmed at Tortosa, and seems to have ended his days in Tyre with his son. He probably died in the summer of 1191; Conrad describes himself as _marchionis Monisferrati filius_ in a charter of May that year. Guillermo was succeeded by Guilliermo VII, who became one of the leaders of the French forces taking part in the Fourth Crusade, which left for Palestine in 1198. 
DE MONFERRATO, Guillermo V marchese (I158603)

Il est l'un des trois fils du roi Amyntas III et d'Eurydice. Par son anc?etre Caranos, roi fondateur du royaume de Mac?edoine, sa dynastie descendrait d'H?eracl?es. C'est une tradition que rapportent, entre autres, Isocrate dans son Discours ?a Philippe, ou de fa?con post?erieure, l'historien Plutarque dans sa Vie d'Alexandre. Se pr?evaloir d'une ascendance divine est un ?el?ement courant de propagande chez les monarques et chefs d'?etat antiques.

Son p?ere assassin?e en 370 av. J.-C. (sa m?ere ayant particip?e au complot) c'est son fr?ere a?in?e Alexandre II qui devient roi de Mac?edoine. Alexandre intervient dans un conflit en Thessalie, mais ne parvient pas ?a s'imposer. Il doit se r?esoudre ?a accepter une alliance avec la cit?e de Th?ebes, alliance qui est scell?ee par l'envoi de son jeune fr?ere comme otage. En 368 av. J.-C., alors qu'il est ?ag?e de 14 ans, Philippe est donc envoy?e en otage ?a Th?ebes en B?eotie. Bien trait?e, il y aurait appris l'art de la guerre en observant ?Epaminondas. Il y reste jusqu'?a l'?age de 17 ans, soit jusqu'en 365. De retour en Mac?edoine, il prend le pouvoir ?a la mort de son fr?ere Perdiccas III en 359 av. J.-C. : il ?epouse la veuve de celui-ci, conform?ement ?a la coutume, et au cours de l'?et?e 360 av. J.-C., il est d?esign?e comme tuteur de son neveu, le fils mineur de Perdiccas, Amyntas IV, qu'il ?ecarte un peu plus tard en se faisant proclamer lui-m?eme roi par l'assembl?ee du peuple mac?edonien.

Au moment o?u il prend les r?enes du pouvoir, Philippe n'a que 23 ans. Il se trouve face ?a une situation difficile, puisque la survie du royaume de Mac?edoine est menac?ee par les Illyriens. En outre, P?eoniens, Odryses de Thrace et Ath?eniens, voisins de la Mac?edoine, ont tout avantage ?a un affaiblissement du royaume. Philippe commence par ?eliminer ses rivaux potentiels, dont le pr?etendant Argaios, soutenu par Ath?enes. Il doit ensuite se r?esoudre ?a accepter la suzerainet?e de Bardylis, roi des Illyriens, dont il ?epouse la fille, Audata. Il conclut ?egalement un trait?e de paix avec Ath?enes, ?a qui il laisse les mains libres ?a Amphipolis. En 359 av. J.-C., Philippe, de retour de son exp?edition contre les Scythes, se voit refuser le passage du fleuve H?emos par les Triballes ?a moins de partager son butin. Au cours du combat qui s?ensuit, Philippe est vaincu et perd l'usage d'une main et d'une jambe1.

Afin de renforcer la position mac?edonienne, Philippe lance une vaste r?eforme de l'arm?ee. Il augmente le nombre de fantassins et cr?ee un bataillon d'?elite, les hypaspistes, calqu?e sur le Bataillon sacr?e de Th?ebes. Il donne ?a son arm?ee un entra?inement strict et un armement repens?e : le soldat mac?edonien re?coit un armement d?efensif (armure, cn?emides, bouclier) plus l?eger que celui de l'hoplite, dont l'ensemble de l'?equipement p?ese environ 35 kg. En outre, Philippe dote le fantassin d'une longue pique de 5 m?etres de long environ, la sarisse, ?etablissant ainsi les fondements de la phalange mac?edonienne. 
DE MAC?EDOINE, Phillippe II (I198197)
2734 Au moins une personne vivante ou marquée privée est liée à cette note - Les détails ne sont donc pas publiés. ALLARD, Jean René (I198442)
2735 Yolande LANGLOIS
Créé le : 2000-04-04
Date de décès : 2000-04-04
Conjoint(e)(s) : Raymond Sirois
Prénom : Yolande
Mère : ?
Date de parution : 2000-04-05
Paru dans : Le Journal de Montréal, QC
SIROIS LANGLOIS, Yolande 1933-2000 A Drummondville, le 4 avril 2000, à l'âge de 66 ans, est décédée Mme Yolande Sirois née Langlois, épouse de M. Raymond Sirois. Outre son époux, elle laisse dans le deuil ses enfants, Serge, Suzanne (Normand Fournier), Raymond Jr (Nathalie Pelland), Robert (Monique Dupuis), ses petits-enfants, Hélèna, Sophie, Josée, Jean-Sébastien et Jonathan, se deux arrière-petits-enfants, Léa et Félix ainsi que plusieurs frères et soeurs, beaux-frères et belles-soeurs, neveux et nièces, parents et amis. Elle sera exposée au Salon Alfred Dallaire inc. 2590, rue Rouen, Montréal Les funérailles auront lieu le samedi 8 avril 2000 à 11 h en l'église St-Vincent de Paul, 2310, Ste-Catherine Est, Montréal et de là au cimetière Repos St-François d'Assise, lieu de la sépulture. Heures des visites: mercredi de 19 à 22 h, jeudi et vendredi de 14 à 17 h et de 19 à 22 h, ouverture du salon samedi dès 9 h. 
LANGLOIS, Yolande (I121743)
2736 Yolande, décédée à l'âge de 64 ans le 4 novembre 2000. Elle a combattu avec courage un cancer pendant 17 ans. Elle était en religion avec les Filles de la Charité du Sacré-Coeur de Sherbrooke.
fille de Florent Inkell et Jeanne Robidas 
INKELL, Yolande Suzanne Marie FCFC (I229627)
2737 Au moins une personne vivante ou marquée privée est liée à cette note - Les détails ne sont donc pas publiés. Famille F98398
2738 Au moins une personne vivante ou marquée privée est liée à cette note - Les détails ne sont donc pas publiés. YOUSO, Jacob Brian (I68362)
2739 Au moins une personne vivante ou marquée privée est liée à cette note - Les détails ne sont donc pas publiés. LAPORTE, Yves Gaétan Joseph (I70738)
2740 Yves Martin dans les documents:

Le 14 avril 1673- engagement à La Rochelle devant le notaire Jean Michelon - Yves Martin 18 ans environs de Péaule en Bretagne. Donc, né vers 1655, ce qui correspond bien avec Yves Martin baptisé le 8 mai 1655 à Péaule, fils de Jean Martin et Marie Bernard.
Le 19 juillet 1679 - paroisse Notre-Dame de Montréal, Yves Martin est parrain d'Yves Benoist, fils de Paul Benoît dit Nivernais et d'Élisabeth Gobinet. Yves Martin demeure chez M. Lemoyne à Montréal.
Le 30 septembre 1682 - à Montréal devant le notaire Maugué est rédigé une transaction entre René Orieu et Antoine Jusseaume d'une part, et Yves Martin d'autre part.
Le 3 mars 1699- contrat de mariage sous seing privé devant le père Michel, récollet. Ce contrat demeure introuvable.
Son acte de mariage ainsi que les actes de baptême de ses premiers enfants restent introuvable, probablement perdus quand les Américains ont mis feu à l'église de Ste-Anne-de-Sorel.
Le 13 août 1705- sa fille Marie Anne est baptisée à l'Île-Dupas. Son père est nommé Yves Martin dit Pellelan - Première attestation du surnom Pelland.
Le 25 mars 1709 - sa fille Marie Geneviève est baptisée à l'Île-Dupas, les parents sont nommés Hive Martin et Marie Pied.
Le 25 novembre 1709 - contrat de concession de terre à Yves Martin dit Penelan - Notaire Daniel Normandin
Le 4 mars 1711 - son fils François est baptisé à Sorel. Les parents sont Hyves Martin dit Pellan et Marie Pied.
Le 11 mai 1713 - son fils Pierre est baptisé à Sorel. Les parents sont Hyves Martin dit Pelland et Marie Pied
Le 24 janvier 1715 - son fils Pierre est enterré à Sorel. Les parents sont Hives Martin et Marie Pied
Le 15 février 1715 - Procès entre Antoine Puypéroux, sieur de LaFosse, demandeur, et Jacques Brisset, père et fils, défendeurs, pour la restitution d'objets divers -Yves Martin dit Pellan âgé de quarante-sept ans est témoin, donc né vers 1668, ce qui correspondrait mieux avec un autre Yves Martin comme celui baptisé le 13 janvier 1669 à Péaule, fils de Guillaume Martin et Julienne Jarlegan. De plus, la différence d'âge entre Yves Martin et sa femme, Marie Piet ne serait que huit ans au lieu de vingt ans. Par contre, s'il y avait vraiment deux Yves Martin en Nouvelle-France, on devrait trouver deux actes de sépultures ou peut-être deux actes de mariages, ce qui n'est pas le cas.
Le 15 septembre 1715 - Yves Martin agit de témoin dans l'acte de sépulture de sa belle-mère, Marguerite Chemereau. Il est nommé Hyves Martin.
Le 30 mars 1716 -notaire Daniel Normandin- Inventaire des meubles des effets de Jean Piet dit Trampe, beau-père d'Yves Martin. Yves Martin est présent comme témoin. On le nomme Yves Martin dit Penelan.
Le 2 juin 1716- sépulture de sa fille aînée, Marie Martin à l'Île-Dupas. Les parents sont nommés Hives Martin et Marie Pied.
Le 28 mars 1719 - notaire Daniel Normandin - Partage et abandon passé entre Piet Trampe père et ses enfants et gendres. On le nomme Yves Martin dit Penelan.
Le 14 février 1721 - Île-Dupas -rapport de l'assemblée des résidents - Yves Martin
Le 4 mars 1721 - Sorel - rapport de l'assemblée des résidents - Yves Martin dit Pennelan
Le 9 août 1723- Berthier- Dénombrement de Pierre de L'Estage - le nommé Penelan fils et Yves Martin dit Penelan possèdent des terres le long de la rivière Bayonne.
Le 24 novembre 1727- Berthier - Mariage de sa fille Marie Anne Martin avec Michel Boucher, fils de Charles Boucher et Marguerite Pelletier.
Le 3 avril 1728 -Berthier- acte de sépulture d'Yve Martin Pellant
1728- Puypéroux de la Fosse - Inventaire des biens d'Yves Martin - Acte perdu 
PENELAN, Yves Martin dit (I1)
2741 Yvonne Ducharme (Pierre et Philomène Rondeau) née à Lowell MA 8 fév 1903. RONDEAU, Marie (I29473)

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