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201 a étudié au Séminaire de Joliette : 1925-1932
ses études au Grand Séminaire de Montréal : 1932-1936
ordonné prêtre à la cathédrale de Joliette : 06-06-1936 par Mgr Papineau
fut professeur au Séminaire de Joliette : 1936-1937
a étudié à l'Université Angelicum de Rome : 1937-1939
(* interrompue par la guerre)
vicaire à Ste-Elisabeth, Rawdon, St-Félix de Valois, Ile Dupas : 1940-1942
il entre dans l'Armée en 1942
fut aumônier au camp Huntingdon et au camp de Sorel : 1942
il a pris part à la deuxième Guerre Mondiale :
en Angleterre : 1943
en Italie, avec la Première Div. d'Infanterie : 1944
au Nord-Ouest de l'Europe : 1945-1946
en Allemagne : 1946-1952 (* promu Major en 1947)
(* 1er aumônier avec brevet de parachutiste : 1949)
(* promu lt-Colonel le 15-10-1950, puis Colonel)
retour au pays : il travaille dans les régions militaires du québec et de l'Ouest canadien
entre 1952-1957, puis, il passa à la région Centre du Canada, quartier général à Oakville, ON
délégué ecclésiastique pour l'armée au Vicariat militaire du Canada : 1964
retraite de l'Armée
Mgr Jetté lui confie la paroisse St-Charles de Mandeville : 1967-1973
en 1973, il se retire à Berthier, rang St-Esprit, face à la terre paternelle, puis, rue Ste-Geneviève en 1991. 
LAVALLÉE, Marcel Léonard Joseph (I72233)
202 A fondé la Richelieu Electric Company en 1923. Trouvé non coupable 20 janvier
1913 (pots-de-vin) Nécrologie dit J. Etienne Péland. 
PELLAND, Étienne Lionel Joseph (I1018)
Convict: Escape was stupid, impulsive
JOSHUA WOLFSON Star-Tribune staff writer | Posted: Saturday, March 10, 2007 12:00 am
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It didn't take long for Shannon Parazoo to regret his decision.
He began Feb. 9 as an inmate, finishing a 20- to 30-year murder sentence at a Casper work-release program. Freedom was only months away, but that afternoon, he packed up his family into two cars and drove north.
A few hours outside of Casper, he began to have doubts.
"I thought, you know what, this is really stupid," he recalled almost a month later, in a phone interview from a Canadian jail. "I don't really think I'm doing the right thing."
Parazoo's walk-away escape prompted a search that spanned five states and two countries. He and his stepson, another work-release inmate named Alonzo Durgin, were captured after almost two weeks on the run, outside a small town in British Columbia. They're still in Canadian custody and face escape charges and the prospect of longer sentences.
"It was the stupidest thing I've ever done in my life," said Parazoo, who left with his wife, Rose, and two of her children. "I've totally ruined my future and (my wife's). We just wanted to be a family."
The decision to leave was stupid and impulsive, Rose and Shannon said.
"He just wanted to take care of his family and have a life and just be away," said Rose, in an interview from her mother's home in Rawlins. "He didn't want to hurt anybody or associate with anybody from prison. Nothing like that."
By the time of his escape, Parazoo, 43, had been incarcerated for more than half of his life.
Born and raised in southern Oregon, he came to Wyoming in 1984 to find work, after serving two years in a California prison for false imprisonment and assault with a deadly weapon, he said.
In 1985, Parazoo was arrested and charged with the murder of a Gillette man who'd been beaten and left unconscious near the Natrona County line. The man, Ronald Clay Tyler, died of hypothermia. Parazoo eventually pled guilty and was sentenced to 20 to 30 years in prison.
While at the Wyoming State Penitentiary in Rawlins, Parazoo married Rose, a neighbor of his first wife, who had died.
Rose Parazoo, 42, said there is more to her husband than his criminal past.
"Shannon is very meticulous," she said. "He is very artistic. When he does something, he is almost perfectionist about it. He's talented and he's very smart."
Parazoo started the Casper Re-Entry Center's work-release program in August. He worked as a welder, making, he said, about $18 or $19 an hour - enough money to pay Rose's rent and purchase groceries and clothing for his family.
He worked the night shift. After work, he'd stop by Rose's home, near Natrona County International Airport, then go back to the re-entry center for a few hours of sleep. He'd check out at about 9 a.m. and head back to the house to spend time with Rose and the kids.
So why did Parazoo, with a lucrative job and a sentence that was due to end in September, decide to walk away?
"The best I can come up with an emotional meltdown on my part," he said.
Rose was having a tough time with the situation and they didn't get to spend much time together, Parazoo explained. He was overloaded and stressed out, she said.
"I just think this was a whole lot of not thinking right," she said.
Parazoo said he checked out of the re-entry center on Feb. 9 with no plans to leave for good. He went to Rose's house, took a shower and put on clean clothes. He took his dog, Oreo, on a walk.
When he got back, he turned his attention to paying off a $160 bill from the Self Help Center in Casper. He returned a recently purchased welding helmet, and with the money, paid off the bill.
By 2:30 that afternoon, it was almost time to return to the re-entry center. Rose wasn't happy about him leaving, and the couple started arguing, Parazoo recalled.
"What do you want to do?" Parazoo asked his wife.
"Let's just go find a life," she responded.
"Okay," he told her.
Parazoo asked Durgin if he wanted to come along and Durgin agreed. The family packed up Rose's girls, ages 12 and 14, plus two dogs, two cats, and some food, into a white van and a Dodge Durango.
"We just headed north," Parazoo recalled. "I don't know why, but we did."
It was a spur-of-the-moment decision, Rose said.
"I don't think anyone was thinking," she said. "This whole thing is just very emotional, an emotional meltdown."
It didn't take long for Parazoo to regret his decision.
"Oh God, Rose, I just really messed up," Rose remembered him saying hours after they left. "Should I call them and tell them I'm coming back?"
From Casper, the family drove to Montana, where Rose spent her youth.
"I don't think there was every really a plan," she said. "There was just driving."
The family slept at rest stops and cooked outside by campfire. It was Parazoo's first taste of total freedom in more than 20 years, but he wasn't enjoying it.
"I had worked very hard to be allowed to re-enter Wyoming society … and I had just thrown it all away," he said.
Back in Casper, the re-entry center had already notified the Natrona County Sheriff's Department that Parazoo and Durgin were missing. The search for the fugitives would eventually involve several U.S. and Canadian agencies. Authorities even used a Black Hawk helicopter for the search.
The Parazoos weren't aware that their walk-away escape would generate such a response from authorities or the media, where their story was covered in newspaper and television reports, and on the America's Most Wanted Web site.
"We knew it would be reported (to authorities), but we didn't know the whole United States was having him on TV and stuff," Rose said.
Authorities considered them armed and dangerous, but Parazoo and his wife say they were never armed, nor did they commit any other crimes during their nearly two weeks on the run.
The family spent a few days driving around northern Montana, Rose said, then crossed over into Canada. They hadn't planned to go there, she said.
"We didn't know exactly where we were going," she explained. "He was just driving."
Parazoo continued to doubt his decision, asking whether it would be better to turn around or at least call the re-entry center, Rose said. Still, the couple talked of settling down somewhere in Canada. Shannon would get a job somewhere and they would try to live as free people.
They also discussed going back to the United States and living in the Pacific Northwest.
"We were coming back to the states to try to get a job," Parazoo said.
Before that could happen, a damaged tire led to the fugitives' arrest.
On Feb. 23, Parazoo tried unsuccessfully to get a new tire for his Durango in Logan Lake, a small town northeast of Vancouver. A clerk at the tire store thought him suspicious and contacted the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
Police pulled the Parazoos' Durango over outside of Merritt, a town about 40 miles south of Logan Lake.
"You know Rose, it's over," Rose remembers Shannon telling her, with tears in his eyes.
Police took Parazoo and Durgin into custody. Rose and the children were let go.
"I was just in a daze," she said. "I was lost."
Rose and the kids drove back to Wyoming from Canada and are staying in Rawlins. Parazoo and his stepson remain in a jail in British Columbia. Rose expects her husband will be brought back to Wyoming within the next two weeks, where he and Durgin face escape charges.
Rose hopes that her husband won't be given a long sentence.
"If they keep him in prison for the next 13 or 14 years, I don't know if he can do that anymore," she said.
Parazoo says he takes responsibility for his actions and is hoping to finish his sentence at the state penitentiary, then return to the re-entry center's therapeutic community program, where he could develop the skills to make it in society.
"I am coming out of prison eventually, either in two years or 20 years," he said. "I'd like to come out and be somebody my parents could be proud of, my children could be proud of."
Reach Joshua Wolfson at (307) 266-0582 or at
Copyright 2010 All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. 
Rose (I106414)
204 À Hartford CT en 1920é MARTIN, Raymond Edward (I111398)
205 A historical legacy
November 3, 2012
By Jane Nordberg ( , The Daily Mining Gazette
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LAKE LINDEN - In recent years, Clarence Monette gave a consistent reply to his many friends when they asked him how he was doing.

"Crabby, ornery and hard to get along with," he would say with a customary wry smile.

In truth, Monette got along with many people, attested by his service to a lengthy list of organizations including 4-H, Boy Scouts, the Lake Linden-Hubbell Sportsmen's Association and numerous local and statewide historical groups.

Monette, 77, died Tuesday at GardenView Assisted Living and Memory Care in Calumet.

A Lake Linden native, Monette graduated from Lake Linden-Hubbell High School and served in the U.S. Army following graduation. After his service, he worked as a U.S. Army ROTC instructor at Michigan Technological University until his retirement in 1988. He lived most of his life in the same house on Ninth Street in which he was born.

In 1960, he became a Boy Scout Scoutmaster for the Hiawathaland Council of the Boy Scouts, and was honored in 1976 as Scoutmaster of the Year. From the 1970s through the '90s, he held several offices in the Houghton/Keweenaw 4-H Council and oversaw the maintenance of the youth exhibits building acquired by the Houghton County Fair Board in August 1990. By the time of the next county fair in August, 1991, Monette had spent the winter making brightly colored flags and drawing clowns and animals onto the interior walls to make the building more inviting for children and other fairgoers.

"I didn't know I could draw," Monette told The Daily Mining Gazette for an Aug. 17, 1991 article. "It's also amazing what you can do with no money."

That second statement summed up Monette's philosophy when it came to helping local nonprofit organizations on shoestring or non-existent budgets.

In managing the deconsecrated Church of the Assumption in Phoenix for the Keweenaw County Historical Society, an organization he helped found in 1980, Monette often looked for ways to decorate the interior without spending a fortune to do so.

One day he was making his way back to the church in Phoenix with a pair of mannequins he had purchased at a secondhand store in Houghton when his aging station wagon was pulled over by a Keweenaw County sheriff's deputy.

"He was concerned by the fact I had two people, naked no less, lying in the back of my car," Monette told friends. "He told me I should probably put a blanket over them."

Keweenaw County Sheriff Ron Lahti said he didn't recall the story, but "knowing Clarence, it sounded plausible." Lahti said this year for the first time he was taking over Monette's job of putting Christmas lights on the trees near the church.

The lights have become a symbol of Monette's love for the area, said friend Tony Bausano.

"You can't help but go by the church in Phoenix without thinking of Clarence," Bausano said. "Every person in Keweenaw County knew it was Clarence putting the lights on the Christmas tree."

Bausano, owner of Copper World in Calumet, said he began selling Monette's books in 1974, the year Monette published "Cor-Ago," his first book of 56 on the topic of Copper Country history. Since then, many customers return to buy every book in the series as soon as they are published, he said.

"Most people will tell you that they learned more about the little town they grew up in by reading Clarence's books than they did growing up there," Bausano said.

In book signings, people found Clarence knowledgeable and personable, he said. Bausano said Monette was a creature of habit when it came to visiting the store.

"He always had some big car, and he always had a dog that would ride in the front seat," Bausano said. "The dog ate better than he did, and they always stopped at the Burger King drive-through so the dog could have a burger when they came to Calumet."

When Monette retired as editor of the Keweenaw County Historical Society's Superior Signal newsletter, a post he held for 14 years, succeeding editor Paul Freshwater published a tribute to Monette's inspirational legacy of civic accomplishment.

"Clarence Monette, more than any other living person," Freshwater wrote, "seems to embody the history of Michigan's Copper Country."

A Mass of Christian Burial will be held at 11 a.m. Monday at St. Joseph Catholic Church in Lake Linden. Visitation will be held from 5 to 8 p.m. Sunday at the Pearce Funeral Home in Lake Linden.

Online condolences may be left at
© Copyright 2015 The Daily Mining Gazette. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. 
MONETTE, Clarence Joseph (I216609)
206 Au moins une personne vivante ou marquée privée est liée à cette note - Les détails ne sont donc pas publiés. PERREAULT, Solange (I146753)
207 À l'Hôpital Notre-Dame de Montréal, le 17 février 2002, est décédé à l'âge de 65 ans, M. Gilles Coutu (artisan et musicien de notre région), époux de Mme Lorraine Giroux, demeurant à Berthier. La famille accueillera parents et ami(e)s à la : Coopérative funéraire D'Autray 530, rue Frontenac Berthierville Heures d'accueil : jeudi de 14h à 17h et de 19h à 22h. Les funérailles auront lieu le vendredi 22 février, à 14h en l'église Sainte-Geneviève-de-Berthier. L'inhumation aura lieu au cimetière paroissial. Le défunt laisse dans le deuil outre son épouse; ses enfants : François Coutu et sa conjointe Patsy Ranger de Bois-des-Filion, Martin Coutu (Lorraine Bald) de Berthier, Sylvie Coutu (Richard Aucoin) de SaintCharles-Borromée, Élise Coutu et son conjoint Florian Perreault de Lanoraie; 6 petitsenfants : Pierre-Paul, Hélène, Rémy, Stéphanie, Johannie et Valérie; son frère et sa soeur, ses beaux-frères et belles-soeurs : M. Lucien Coutu (Louise Rochette) de SainteÉlisabeth, Mme Lucille Coutu (Jean-Claude Sylvestre) de Saint-Viateur, M. Réal Giroux (Luce Houde) de Longueuil, Mme Monette Giroux (Roger Ménard) de Saint-Pierre-deJoliette, Mme Jacqueline Giroux et son conjoint Jean-Claude Gaudet de Berthier, Mme Murielle Giroux et son conjoint Luc de Carufell de Saint-Jérôme, M. Robert Giroux (Marielle Gervais) de Boucherville, M. Gaétan Giroux (Nicole Adam) de Berthier, M. Alain Giroux (Lisette Latour) de SaintIgnace, M. Benoit Giroux de Berthier; ainsi que plusieurs neveux, nièces, autres parents et ami(e)s. COUTU, Gilles Philibert Joseph (I68138)
208 À l’Auberge de la Rivière, le 5 février 2013, à l’âge de 99 ans et 6 mois, est décédée madame Marguerite Desrochers, épouse de feu Hervé Riopel, autrefois de Ste-Béatrix.

Elle laisse dans le deuil, ses enfants : Carmelle (Jean-Yves Joyal), Guy (Micheline Loyer), Luc (Suzanne Tremblay), Pierrette (Michel Perreault), Jocelyn (Fernande Bastien), Céline (feu Denis Rainville) (Marcel Gouger), Fernand (Francine Joly), Daniel (Claire Joly), Isabelle (feu Jacques Gervais) (Jean-Guy Goyette),
ses petits-enfants : Lyne, Diane, Mario, Julie, Marc, Pascale, Martin, Manon, Annie, Linda, Éric, Steve, Dany, Josée, Nancy, Mélissa, Catherine, Émilie, ses arrière-petits-enfants : Stéphanie, Gabriel, Maxime, Marie-Ève, Élizabeth,
Isaac, Elliot, Maïka, Mathis, Samuel, Anthony, Léonie, Maëlle, Maïna, Maéva, Nicholas, sa belle-sœur Cécile Arbour, son beau-frère Denis Riopel (Rita), ainsi que plusieurs neveux, nièces, autres parents et amis.

La famille tient à remercier le personnel de l’Auberge de la Rivière pour les bons soins prodigués à madame Marguerite Desrochers.

Exposée le vendredi 8 février 2013, de14 à 17 heures, de 19 à 22 heures et le samedi dès 9 heures, au salon
F. Thériault inc.
987, rue Claude
Les funérailles auront lieu le samedi 9 février à 11 heures en l’église paroissiale de Ste-Béatrix. 
DESROCHERS, Marguerite (I164488)
209 À leur domicile, le samedi 15 janvier 2011, sont décédés Claude Guidi (74 ans) et son épouse Denise Cloutier (71 ans), demeurant à Saint-Jean-de-Matha. Les défunts laissent dans le deuil, leurs enfants : Alain et son épouse Christine Beaulieu, Daniel et son épouse Josée Pelland et Sylvain, leurs petits-enfants : Jean-François et son épouse Audrey Forest, et Marie-Ève, frères, sœurs, beaux-frères, belles-sœurs, neveux, nièces, autres parents et amis. La famille recevra vos condoléances en présence des cendres le vendredi 28 janvier 2011 à compter de 13 h. Une liturgie de la parole aura lieu ce même vendredi à 17 h à la Coopérative funéraire de Saint-Jean-de-Matha, 99, rue Lessard à Saint-Jean-de-Matha. Bernard Beaulieu pour la Coopérative funéraire de Saint-Jean-de-Matha GUIDI, Claude (I55989)
210 À l’Hôpital Jeffery Hale de Québec, le 26 avril 2016, à l’âge de 87 ans, est décédée dans la sérénité Louise Belhumeur épouse de feu Dr. Henri Lépine. Elle laisse dans le deuil sa fille Andrée et son fils Pierre (Sylvie Beaudoin), ses petits-enfants: Emmanuelle Hébert, Dominic Marion, Pierre-Hugues Lépine et Andrée Anne L. Marion, ses arrière-petits-enfants: Lydia Lépine et Mégan Lépine, sa soeur Denise (Gérard Vallée) et autres parents et amis. Exposée: Vendredi 6 mai dès 11 heures au salon suivi des funérailles à 14 heures en l’église de la Purification à Repentigny. De sincères remerciements au Dre France Valérie Roy et à son équipe du 5e étage de l’Hôpital Jeffery Hale pour les excellents soins prodigués. 
BELHUMEUR, Louise (I98711)
211 À l’Hôpital régional Chaleur, le jeudi 23 mai 2012, à l’âge de 82 ans, est décédée Henriette Pitre, épouse de feu Gerard Pitre. Elle demeurait au Manoir Du Rocher, mais autrefois à Pointe-Verte. Elle était la fille de feu Louis Comeau et de feu Alphonsine Fournier.

Elle laisse dans le deuil quatre fils: Réjean (Simone) de Pointe-Verte, Octave (Debbie) de Bathurst, André (Raymonde) de Pointe-Verte et Jacques (Diane) de Pointe-Verte; deux filles: Lianne (Raymond Barrette) de Sudbury, Ont. et Jacqueline (Jacques Pelland) de Sudbury, Ont.; une soeur, Armella de Schreiber, Ont., ainsi que dix petits-enfants et quatre arrière-petits-enfants.

Trois frères: Clarence, Azade et Léandre, ainsi que quatre soeurs: Aldie, Marguerite, Marie et Corinne, l’ont précédée dans la tombe.

La famille recevra les condoléances, à compter de 14h, le lundi 28 mai, à la Chapelle funéraire Verret de Nigadoo (546-4120). Les funérailles auront lieu en l’église Saint-Vincent-de-Paul de Pointe-Verte, le lundi 28 mai, à 16h. 
COMEAU, Henriette (I157670)
212 Au moins une personne vivante ou marquée privée est liée à cette note - Les détails ne sont donc pas publiés. PELLAND, Nancy Lucille (I111512)
213 A living memorial for Navy aviator
San Diego Union, The (CA)
March 8, 1985
Author: Jennie Wong; Staff Writer
Estimated printed pages: 1

Mac Wordell and Victor Gadrow were buddies.

Students together at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, they were roommates and close friends.

Gadrow, a lieutenant and aviator, was killed in action shortly after Pearl Harbor.

Now, 43 years later, Wordell, a resident of La Mesa, has erected a living memorial to his friend. He planted a tree.

As part of La Mesa's newly formed "Give-A-Tree" program, a Chinese flame tree was planted yesterday at the sixth tee on the Sun Valley Golf Course in MacArthur Park in honor of Gadrow.

"We were very good friends," Wordell said. "You have to be if you live with someone for four years."

For a donation of $150, the city will purchase and plant a 24-inch box tree. The donor is recognized on a plaque to be displayed at City Hall.

Gadrow's was the second of six trees to be planted in the next few months.

"It's been a long time since Vic died, but this is a nice way to remember someone," Wordell said. "It's also a nice way to add beauty to the city."

Wordell, 73, is president of the La Mesa Beautiful organization, which is dedicated to city beautification through the planting of trees and flowers.

"We were the ones who approached the City Council and suggested that there be such a program," he said.

Gadrow's widow, Mary Egan, a resident of El Cajon for 20 years, said she is tremendously pleased by the tree planting.

"I consider it an honor to all of his class from Annapolis who gave so much of themselves," she said. "This is for all of them who fought so valiantly."
Mac Wordell inspects a Chinese flame tree on the 6th tee at Sun Valley Golf Club. The tree will be planted in MacArthur Park as a memorial to Victor Gadrow, a Navy aviator who was killed in action shortly after Pearl Harbor. 
GADROW, Victor Marvin (I36391)
214 À mon avis il faudrait trouver plus de preuves avant d'accpeter les ancêtres de Claude Hugues Laporte. Toutefois, il semble problable qu'il est issu de la famille d'hôteliers des Laporte seigneurs de St-Georges. LAPORTE, seigneur de St-Georges et en partie Veaugues Claude Hugues (I66047)
215 A Montréal, le 13 mai 2006, à l'âge de 58 ans,
est décédée Louise Fortier demeurant à LaSalle.
Elle laisse dans le deuil sa s?ur Francine, ses
neveux Luc et Michel Pelland (Christine Wormald),
ses petites-nièces Hailey et Emma, son
petit-neveu Brady, ainsi que plusieurs autres
parents et amis. La famille vous accueillera en
présence des cendres le samedi 20 mai 2006 au
complexe funéraire Groupe Yves Légaré, Aldred
Dallaire, 7200, boulevard Newman, LaSalle;
514.595.1500. Heures des visites: de 11 heures à
17 heures. Une réunion de la prière aura lieu le
même jour en la chapelle du complexe à 17
heures. Au lieu de fleurs, des dons à la
Fondation PalliAmi, C.P. 531, succursale C,
Montréal QC H2L 4K4 seraient appréciés. La
famille désire remercier le personnel de l'Unité
des soins palliatifs de l'hôpital Notre-Dame
(CHUM) et les bénévoles de la Fondation PalliAmi
pour leur dévouement et leur compassion.
Louise Fortier of LaSalle, died on Saturday, May
13, 2006, at the Palliative Care Unit of
Notre-Dame Hospital. She leaves to mourn her
sister Francine, her nephews Luc and Michel
Pelland (Christine Wormald), her gread-nieces
Hailey and Emma, her great-nephew Brady, more
family and numerous friends. The family will
receive condolences in the presence of the
ashes at Groupe Yves Légaré, Aldred Dallaire,
7200 Newman Blvd., LaSalle; 514.595.1500, on
Saturday, May 20, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.,
followed by a prayer meeting at 5 p.m. in the
chapel of the funeral complex. In lieu of
flowers, donations to the PalliAmi Foundation,
P.O. Box 531, station C, Montréal QC H2L 4K4
would be appreciated. The family would like to
thank the Palliative Care Unit of Notre-Dame
Hospital and the volunteers of the PalliAmi
Foundation for their devotion and their support. 
PELLAND, Michel Albert (I20548)
216 A pork producer in Quebec, Canada joined other farmers to host a provincial-wide open house to acquaint city dwellers with life on the farm.

Philippe Desjardins welcomed an unbelievable 1,100 visitors to his hog farm near Joilette, Quebec in early September. The visitors were but a fraction of the 135,000 who toured one of 151 host farms or the displays at Union des Producteurs Agricoles (UPA) headquarters in Longueuil, Quebec, as part of their third annual “Farm Open House.”

Over the past three years, nearly 400,000 people have come out to see what really happens on Quebec farms. As Laurent Lessard, Quebec's Interim Minister of Agriculture, commented: “The city mouse took kindly to the country mouse's invitation.”

Most of Canada's food may be produced on its farms, but in an age where only 2% of the population has any involvement in agriculture, it's not surprising that so few people know it. The challenges on the production and consumer sides of this food equation are no doubt familiar to their American counterparts.

Diligent parents may wish to take their children to visit a working farm, but unless they have a friend or relative who owns one, there is little opportunity.
Public Relations Effort

Union des Producteurs Agricoles (UPA), which in English translates into the Agricultural Producer's Union, is trying to change that. Dating back to 1924, UPA has served as Quebec's umbrella farm producer group, is present in 16 regions, and represents 25 specialized groups. With a membership rate of 93%, UPA is the official voice speaking on behalf of 44,000 Quebec farmers.

“This is the biggest public relations initiative ever to take place in the agricultural sector,” says Laurent Pellerin, UPA president. “Our goal is to promote better understanding between farmers and the non-farming community.”

Visitors participated in a hayride, during which an agronomist explained the composition of the Desjardins' hog feed, mostly made from grains grown in nearby fields. Questions were wide-ranging and colorful.

“My dad said that pigs stink, but I went to see them (in the barn/garage) and I didn't smell anything,” said a little girl.

The comment provided an excellent opportunity for the agronomist to discuss odor control and the agronomic use of manure in the fields.

The kids enjoyed a run through a cornfield maze, then back at the farm made a beeline for the free pork burgers, freshly made in Desjardins' butcher shop.

André Pelland and Luce Piette decided to visit Desjardin's farm after reading about the operation on the UPA website.

“We visited a dairy, a sheep farm, one that had bison and this hog farm is our fourth,” says Pelland. “This is the best we've seen today.” 
PELLAND, André (I23190)
217 A Rouyn-Noranda le 22 décembre 2005, est décédée à l’âge de 53 ans Madame Francine Juteau épouse de Monsieur Donald Juteau.

Madame Francine Juteau laisse dans le deuil son époux Monsieur Donald Juteau, sa fille Sherley Juteau conjointe de Sylvain Lantagne, sa petite fille Ariane Lantagne, sa mère Lucienne Champagne, sa belle-mère Thérèse Choquette, ses beaux-frères et belles-sœurs, de nombreux neveux et nièces ainsi que plusieurs parents et amis.

Les Funérailles ont eu lieu le 24 décembre 2005 a 11h en la Cathédrale St-Joseph. Les cendres seront déposées au Columbarium J.H. Fleury du 515 Chénier a rouyn-Noranda. Un don au Sourire de Martin serait apprécié La direction des funérailles a été confiée aux Maisons Funéraires J.H. Fleury. 
GUÉRIN, Francine (I205714)
218 À Saint-Jérôme, le 24 février 2004, à l'âge de 77 ans, est décédé M. Émilien Mireault, époux de Mme Thérèse Ritchie.

Outre son épouse, il laisse dans le deuil ses enfants : Claude, Michel, Réal, Marcel, Gaétan, Francine, Pierre, Rémi et leurs conjoint(e)s, ses petits-enfants et arrière-petits-enfants, ses frères, soeurs, beaux-frères, belles-soeurs et autres parents et amis.

Les funérailles le vendredi 27 février 2004, à 15h30, en l'église de Saint-Donat, suivies de l'inhumation au cimetière de Saint-Donat. Au lieu de fleurs, des dons à la Société canadienne du cancer seraient appréciés.

Desrosiers et Fils
10, de Martigny est, Saint-Jérôme 
MIREAULT, Émilien Adélard Joseph (I121109)
219 À son décès, il est dit avoir 80 ans. Cependant, au mariage de son fils, Régis, en 1821 on lui donne septante-deux ans, donc né vers 1749. LEYDIER, François Deydier dit (I47432)
220 À St-Jérôme le 23 mai 2013 est décédé à l`âge de 72 ans M. François Beauchamp, époux de Mme. Donatienne Mireault.

Outre son épouse il laisse dans le deuil ses enfants : Carole, Christine (Sylvain), Martin (Stéphanie), ses petits-enfants : Anthony, Mélodie, David, Gabrielle et Zachary, ainsi que ses frères et sœurs, beaux-frères et belles-soeurs et autres parents et amis.

La famille recevra les condoléances dimanche le 26 mai 2013 de 14hres-17hres et 19hres-22hres et lundi le 27 mai 2013 à compter de 9hres à la Résidence funéraire
Desrosiers et Fils Inc. 
BEAUCHAMP, François (I207413)
221 À St-Paul MN en 1850. PELLAND, Joseph (I13585)
222 À Ste-Elisabeth le 20 décembre 2013, à l’âge de 92 ans,
Est décédée madame Thérèse Aubin,
Épouse de feu Georges-Étienne Bellerose,
De St-Félix-de-Valois.

Elle laisse dans le deuil, ses enfants :
Jean-Guy Belleroseet son épouse Suzanne L’Épicier,
Nicole Bellerose et son époux Denis Lavictoire,
Jacques Aubin et son épouse Nicole Ermel,
Ses petits-enfants :
Nathalie Bellerose et son conjoint Clément Brissette,
Benoît Bellerose et sa conjointe Sandra,
Annie Lavictoire et son conjoint Denis Groulx,
Diane Aubin,
Nadia Aubin,
Trois arrière-petits-enfants : Jonathan, Stéphanie et Gaël,
Une arrière-arrière-petite-fille : Marilou Brissette,
Son frère Gérard Aubin,
Ses belles-sœurs :
Brigitte Bellerose-Richard,
Valmore Rainville,
Thérèse Aubin,
Ainsi que plusieurs autres parents et amis.

Les membres de la famille accueilleront parents et amis,
Le samedi 28 décembre 2013 à 10 heures,
À l’église de St-Félix-de-Valois, où les funérailles auront lieu à 11 heures.
Madame Thérèse Aubin sera inhumée au cimetière de St-Félix-de-Valois. 
AUBIN, Thérèse (I238752)
223 A tenté le suicide 25 février 1892 Hartford CT

Tries to Burn Herself in Bed
Date: December 06, 1905
Location: Minnesota
Paper: Duluth News-Tribune
Article type: News Article

3) Crazed by Sickness Charles Fanyon Cuts His Throat with a Penknife While under Arrest Hartford, Conn, Feb 25
Date: February 26, 1892
Location: Massachusetts
Paper: Boston Daily Advertiser 
FANYON, Joseph (I107044)
224 À Torrington CT en 1910 LAPORTE, Léopold Conrad (I222758)
225 A travaillé sur le Queen Mary de Cunard White Star Ltd. A New Yotrk en 1948 LONGFELLOW, Geoffrey (I93718)
226 A vécu à Belcourt ND PÉPIN, Lydia (I80660)
227 a vécu à Troy et Cohoes NY
Etait à Butte MT en 1880 avec Frank Pelland
Etait à Cariboo BC en 1901.

13 99 Pellent Gilbert M Lodger M Jun 4 1844 56 
PELLAND, Gilbert (I977)
228 A vécu en Saskatchawan PIETTE, Jean Louis Théophile Joseph (I15331)
229 Au moins une personne vivante ou marquée privée est liée à cette note - Les détails ne sont donc pas publiés. PELLAND, Arthur Henri (I2464)
230 Au moins une personne vivante ou marquée privée est liée à cette note - Les détails ne sont donc pas publiés. PELLANT, Kimberly Louise (I7832)
231 Accident
Il jouait au père Noël
Marilou Séguin
Le Journal de Montréal
27/01/2008 06h54

Le petit Nicolas Pelland, mort coincé dans un igloo à Prévost la semaine dernière, aurait voulu imiter le père Noël qui se glisse dans une cheminée, croit son grand-père paternel.

Durant le temps des Fêtes, Nicolas a passé une semaine chez ses grands-parents à Trois-Rivières, raconte son grand-père Normand Pelland.

«On a jasé, on a parlé du père Noël. J'ai un foyer à la maison et il me disait que je ne pourrais pas passer par la cheminée», dit-il.

Le 19 janvier, alors qu'il devait se rendre chez un ami, le petit Nicolas a grimpé sur l'igloo construit derrière la maison familiale.

«Moi, je pense que quand il a vu la cheminée de l'igloo, il s'est dit: Je vais passer là-dedans comme le père Noël», souffle son grand-père.

En apprenant que leur enfant n'était pas arrivé à destination, ses parents ont entrepris des recherches.

Les policiers ont finalement retrouvé son corps inerte, coincé dans la conduite d'aération de la maison de glace.

«Le trou n'était pas tellement grand. Il ne peut pas être tombé dedans. Il a fallu qu'il s'y insère et qu'il se force à y entrer, dit M.Pelland. Il a voulu faire une expérience de père Noël et ça lui a été fatal.»

La fatalité

Hier après midi, parents et amis du disparu étaient réunis dans un salon funéraire de Saint-Jérôme pour lui rendre hommage.

«C'est une fatalité. Je pense que les parents, avec Océane et l'aide des amis, vont s'en sortir, dit le grand-père. On pourrait en vouloir à l'igloo, à celui qui l'a bâti, mais non, ce n'est pas le cas. C'est un accident. Mon petit-fils aurait dit: c'est ça qui est ça.»

Malgré le chagrin, la famille de Nicolas souhaite que les enfants continuent à profiter des joies de l'hiver.

«Que les enfants continuent à jouer dehors. Un accident, c'est un accident», dit M.Pelland.

«Est-ce qu'on va aseptiser l'environnement de nos enfants en les gardant dans une cage, à l'intérieur de la maison? C'est difficile, mais on n'empêchera pas Océane de vivre à cause de ça», ajoute-t-il en parlant de la jeune soeur du bambin.

Célestino Gattola, grand-père maternel de Nicolas, n'oubliera jamais son «petit Pistache». «Je vais toujours me souvenir de son sourire et de ses mauvais coups», dit-il. 
PELLAND, Nicolas (I67008)
232 Au moins une personne vivante ou marquée privée est liée à cette note - Les détails ne sont donc pas publiés. PELLAND, Brian Luc Rémi Joseph (I11118)
233 acques Enaud
fils de ...........né vers 1645 et décédé le 2 décembre 1690 à l' âge d' environs 45 ans à Berthier.
Arrivé avec une autre compagnie, il sera muté dans celle-ci. Il reçoit le scapulaire à Québec le 21/09/1665
vers le 23/10/1668 à St pierre de Sorel, Jacques Enaud épouse Marie Leroux (fille du Roy) originaire de Rouen. Ils eurent un fils, Pierre né vers 1669
Aucune trace de leur mariage, pas plus qu'au recensement de 1681 à Sorel; par contre quelques rares évènements; le 25 janvier 1683, Jacques Eneau dit canada est condamné à payer au plaintif Jean Olivier Sept minots de Blé.
Nous le retrouvons dans plusieurs actes avec parfois des orthographes, quelques peu variées. " Pierre Valet soldat du régiment fait dons de tout ces biens à Pierre Hénaud, fils de Jacques Hénaud et de Marie Leroux, sa femme père et mère du dit Hénaud demeurant en la seigneurie du Sieur Berthier, Escuyer" De plus le dit Pierre Valet continue ainsi " outre la dite donation à donné pouvoir au dit Hénaud, père de ce agir et avoir soin de ses affaires et de tous ses biens et de faire et agir pour lui en tout ce qui concerne le dit donateur jusqu'à ce que la dite donation est lieu, déclarant le dit donateur qu'il se prépare à partir pour aller en guerre". Marie Leroux semble plus présente dans la société, car nous la retrouvons le 23 octobre 1673 à la maison du notaire Jean Baptiste Adhémard, à Sorel ou celui-ci rédige le contrat de mariage de Vincent Moriceau, habitant d' Autray et de Marie Anne Beaumont, demeurant à sorel. Sa présence est associé à celle de Pierre Salvaye de Trémont, Pierre Vallet et Joseph Lamy. A St Pierre de Sorel le 4 octobre 1675, " Marie Le Roux femme de Canada" est citée comme marraine au baptême de Marie Jeanne Marcel, et deux ans plus tard soit le 22 janvier 1677, marraine à nouveau, cette fois de Jean Marcel, elle est citée comme " Marie Lereau femme de Jacques Héneau".
Le 3 février 1688 à St Pierre de Sorel, Jacques assiste au mariage de son fils Pierre avec Marie Anne Ratel, fille ainé de Pierre Ratel dit Dragon, originaire de St Herbland, Diocèse de Rouen en Normandie, et de Marie Lemaire son épouse originaire de Romorantin, dans le Loire et Cher.
Jacques décède le deux décembre 1690.
En 1691 Marie Leroux épousera à Sorel Pierre Borneuf. Caporal dans la compagnie du Sieur de Muy.?
Elle décèdera à Berthier et sera inhumé à Sorel le 05/04/1717.
Pas d' enfant pour ce 2ème mariage. 
HÉNAULT, Jacques (I42476)
234 Acte de décès donnne 19 décembre 1897. GÉNÉREUX, Omer Joseph (I75884)
235 Au moins une personne vivante ou marquée privée est liée à cette note - Les détails ne sont donc pas publiés. PELLAND, Gérald Joseph Florian (I9225)
236 Acte de naissance donne Corade Brisson fille. Brisson, Conrad Henri (I58830)
237 Acte de naissance donne Victoria E Pellen. PELLEN, Victor Edwin (I85701)
238 Acusée du crime d'adultère avec Pierre Vivier et Étienne Roy, elle est comparu devant le Conseil souverein le 21 janvier 1669. Elle est comdamnée 'à estre razé et battue de verges par les carrefours ordinaires de cette ville. et ensuite enfermée dans un lieu seul pour y demeurer'. QUINQUENELLE, Marie Chauvet (I41977)
239 Au moins une personne vivante ou marquée privée est liée à cette note - Les détails ne sont donc pas publiés. BAILIE, Adam Scott (I8768)
240 ADAM, Elizabeth "Betty" Gilmore. Mother of Mary Jean Martin (Jerry Trzeciak), Andrew Martin (Ruth Manning) and Ellen Martin; grandmother of Emily Martin, Theo Trzeciak, Nicholas Trzeciak and Caley Martin Jones, passed away peacefully on Saturday, May 14. The Funeral Service will be held on Thursday, May 19 at 2 p.m. at the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity in Quebec City. In lieu of flowers donations to UNICEF would be appreciated. Published in the Montreal Gazette on 5/17/2005 TRZECIAK, Jerry (I13619)
241 Adopté par Napoléon Constantineau et sa femme Emélie.
Vivait à Keewatin ON au recensement de 1891. 
PELLAND, Philémon Euclide Clément (I1261)
242 Au moins une personne vivante ou marquée privée est liée à cette note - Les détails ne sont donc pas publiés. PELLAND, Mary Lou-Ann (I17101)
243 Au moins une personne vivante ou marquée privée est liée à cette note - Les détails ne sont donc pas publiés. PELLAND, Catherine Laurel (I16952)
244 Au moins une personne vivante ou marquée privée est liée à cette note - Les détails ne sont donc pas publiés. SAVARIA, Réal Jean Pierre Joseph (I118783)
245 Age 71, Of Winston, Oregon, passed away very unexpectedly on Thursday, November 19, 2015. He is the beloved husband of Donna, recently celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. He is the father of two sons, Michael from Glide and Andrew from Beaverton. He is the greatest grandpa to three grandsons, Brady, Brett and Jake. They were the love of his life.

Stan was a navy veteran serving in the Vietnam War. After an honorable discharge he settled in Winston in 1969, where he started working for Roseburg Forest Products, doing boiler maintenance at Plant #4 in Riddle for over 30 years before retiring. He and Donna were the proud owners of Winston Laundry since 1980. He loved fixing his washers and dryers and spent many hours tinkering in his garage on them. He could fix anything.

Stan loved his family more than life itself. His main hobby was attending his grandons’ sporting and school activities. Baseball was his favorite sport and he loved watching his grandsons excel on the diamond. He loved going on vacations and especially cruises. He loved trolling for salmon on the Coquille and Coos Rivers. Family dinners and BBQs were some of his favorite activities.

As people know, Stan was a hard worker, working from sun up to sun down. He was a wonderful man with a kind heart. He was a generous person, always looking out for everyone. He taught his work values to his family and was proud of his family. His greatest love was to spend time with them.

Words cannot describe how much he will be missed. Stan is a great husband, father, grandpa and brother.

He was preceded in death by his parents, Stanley and Josephine; and sister Maryanne.

He is survived by his wife of 50 years, Donna; son Mike and his wife, Tammy, grandsons Brett and Jake, from Glide; son Andy and grandson Brady from Beaverton; sister JoAnn Lennon from LaPlata, Maryland; and numerous other aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews and friends.

Funeral services will be held at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Roseburg, on Wednesday, November 25, 2015 at 12:10 p.m. A reception will follow at the church. 
WILBER, JoAnn Narkiewicz (I230601)
246 Airman Wayne L. Tilander, son of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Tilander of Ray, have completed basic training at Lackland Air Force Base, San Antonio, Texas.
2007 Daily Journal

Tara Tilander and Paul Norby announce the arrival of their daughter, Tiffany Marie Norby, 6 pounds, 12.8 ounces, 21 inches long, born Monday, June 11, 2007, at Falls Memorial Hospital.
Maternal grandparents are Wayne and Diane Tilander.
Paternal grandparents are Lee and Betty Norby. 
TILANDER, Roy Wilbur (I2446)
247 Akira Sato
Feb. 19, 2007
Akira Sato, 94, of Honolulu, former owner of Aki's Chevron, died in Maunalani Nursing & Rehab Center. He was born in Papaikou, Hawaii. He is survived by sons Ronald N. and Alvin Y.; daughter Jean Leiko Pelland, 11 grandchildren, 17 great-grandchildren and a great-great-grandchild. Private services. 
SATO, Akira (I20093)
248 ALARIE THERRIEN Lucia 1911-1998 À St-Jérôme, le 25 octobre 1998, à
l'âge de 86 ans et 10 mois, est décédée Mme Lucia Therrien Alarie,
épouse de feu Rosaire Alarie. Elle laisse ses enfants, Pauline (John
Hogg), Jean-Pierre, c.s.v., François (Yolande Sauvé), Solange (Michel
Pelland), Jacques (Céline Vachon Boucher), Robert (Nicole Joyal), ses
petits-enfants et arrière-petits-enfants, ses soeurs, Mme Geneviève
Paquette, Mme Louise Jodoin, ses frères, Louis et Maurice Therrien, sa
belle-soeur, Mme Eva Alarie, neveux et nièces. Exposée à la résidence
JÉRÔME Funérailles mardi à 14 heures, en la cathédrale St-Jérôme.
Inhumation à St-Jérôme. Heures des visites: lundi de 14 à 17 heures et de
19 à 22 heures, mardi dès 10 heures. 
THERRIEN, Lucia (I13218)
249 Albert Fred Imhoff
Al was born January 8, 1921, the sixth of seven children, to Fred Imhoff and Cora Ellen (Jobs) Imhoff. He passed away on October 4, 2008 in the home that he had built with his own hands for his family. At his side were his wife and two daughters. Within minutes of his passing, all of his children, their spouses, all of his grandchildren, many of their spouses, and even a great grandchild were together at the home. It was a sad but joyous time as they celebrated the life and love that brought them all together. He was 87 years old. Born and raised in Tacoma, Washington, Al attended Collins School and was employed breaking and training thoroughbred racehorses until shortly before WWII broke out. He had hoped to join the Cavalry while serving his country, but became a carpenter in the Army Air Corps instead. Upon returning from the European Theater as a sergeant when the war ended, Al continued working as a carpenter. He married Margaret Jane O'Neill December 16, 1948. Together they raised their children in the Collins Road area, eventually moving to the home he built with his two sons on farmland where he spent much of his youth with his aunt. It was on this land that Al and Margy established Imhoff Dairy, serving their community from 1963 until they retired in 1980. Upon retiring, Al and Margy spent their spare time camping, fishing, and gardening. His garden was well known for its sweet corn, and there were always beef cattle and sometimes pigs to attend to, as Al was first and foremost a farmer at heart. He was a self-sufficient man who would always help those who knew him with the true essentials of life: food, shelter and love. He will be greatly missed by friends and family. He is survived by his loving wife Margaret, sons David A. (Madeline) and Daniel O. (Debra), daughters Cora M. (Joe) Russell and Carolyn A. (Dean) Pelland, grandchildren Kerry L. (Matt) Sorensen, James A. (Stacy) Imhoff, Jodi M. (Eric) Christensen, Jacob R. (Yvonne) Russell, Megan R. (James) Bone, Dannielle R. (Brandon) Matison and Cariana M. Pelland, great-grandchildren Rachael and Alexandra Sorensen, Indio, Kaylee and Ava Russell, Tyler and Conner Christensen, Macee Matison and Joshua Imhoff. He was preceded in death by his brothers, sisters, and infant daughter Claudette Anne. The family would like to thank neighbors Rod and Linda for their gracious help in recent years. Funeral arrangements by Weeks' Dryer Mortuary, 253-537-0253. Graveside services will be held Friday, October 10, 2008 at 2:30 PM, Tahoma National Cemetery, in Kent, Washington. 425-413-9614. 
IMHOFF, Albert Fred (I86124)
250 Albert Frederick Horst passed away suddenly in his home on November 21, 2009. He was born on September 9, 1917 in Tabor, Idaho to Rudolph Horst and Marie Fassbender. He spent much of his youth in Kellogg, Idaho. Albert met the love of his life, Bessie, in 1938 and they married that same year. On August 22nd of this year, they celebrated 71 years of marriage. In 1942, they moved from Anaconda, Montana to Tacoma, bringing their boys Rudy and Robert. Their daughter Darlene and son Gary were born soon after. Albert joined the army in November 1943. He was a veteran of World War II serving in the army as a carbine sharp-shooter for which he received commendations. He was a recipient of the European/African/Mid-Eastern Service Medal. He returned to Tacoma and worked as a welder for Tacoma Todd Shipyards. Albert found his calling with the Northern Pacific Railroad. He worked for them for many years and retired at the age of 60 from the South Tacoma Yard. He enjoyed and appreciated his years with the NPRR while Bessie worked as a surgical nurse at Northern Pacific Hospital (later Puget Sound Hospital). Al, Bessie, and their children enjoyed years of fishing, camping, and RV’ing with friends. They spent a lot of quality time at Lake Cushman where they entertained family and friends for many years. Albert loved to spend time working in the garage on projects, including his carving. He and Bessie were both members of the Eagles. Albert is survived by his best friend and wife, Bessie. Their children and spouses: Rudy (Phyllis), Robert (Lorraine), Darlene Beausoleil (Larry) and Gary (Patricia). Grandchildren Randall, Perry, Janelle, Raymond, Kevin, Lisa, Steven, Machaell, Duane, Gary, Kimberlee and 23 great grandchildren who were lucky to have so many years with great grandpa. He will be missed. Funeral services will be held Friday the 27th at The Church of the Visitation, 3314 South 58th Street, Tacoma, at 11:00 AM. Preceded by recitation of the Rosary at 10:30 AM. A reception will follow immediately after the service in the church hall. Private interment will take place at Mountain View Memorial Park. Arrangements by Mountain View Funeral Home. 253-584-0252. Please sign online guestbook at HORST, Albert Frederick (I188996)

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