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1  Famille F92118
Connecticut Marriage Index, 1959-2001
lieu de résidence :
7 février 1981
New Britain, Hartford, Connecticut
mariage :
7 février 1981
Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut, United States
Sandra L Peterson

Arthur E Champagne

Connecticut Divorce Index, 1968-1997
naissance :
Not Stated
mariage :
Not Stated
divorce :
CHAMPAGNE, Arthur (I94811)
3 Au moins une personne vivante ou marquée privée est liée à cette note - Les détails ne sont donc pas publiés. LAVERE, Harold (I121906)
4 Au moins une personne vivante ou marquée privée est liée à cette note - Les détails ne sont donc pas publiés. BEAUSOLEIL, Francis (I25521)
Otto was the son of Aleramo, marchese de Monferrato, and his first wife Adelaide. Notably obscure, he did not appear with his parents and his younger brother Anselmo at the foundation of the monastery of Grazzano in 961. On Aleramo's death in 967, the large _marca Aleramica_ was broken up: Monferrato went to Otto and Liguria to Anselmo. Their elder brother Guillermo II had already died.

In his own lifetime, Otto does not appear in any document with the margravial title, but he appears in the documents of later generations cited as such. He appears in a confirmation of the possessions of the abbacy of Fruttuaria with the title in a patronymic. He probably never used the title in life, but his descendants retroactively applied it to him, as he held the same post as they.

Otto died in 991, as known by the foundation act of his son for the monastery of Spigno, which Otto himself had planned to build. By an unnamed wife he left two sons: an elder named Guillermo III who succeeded him, and a younger named Riprando. He also left two daughters, Otta and Waldrada (Gualderada). 
DE MONFERRATO, Otto I Marchese (I208879)
Philip de Marmion was the son of Robert de Marmion and Juliane de Vassy. With his first wife Joane de Kilpeck he had at least three daughters, with his second wife Mary one daughter, and by an unnamed mistress he had a son.

He was sheriff for Counties Warwick and Leicester. Attending King Henry III into Gascony, he and the Earl of Warwick were taken prisoner by the French at Pontes in Poitou, even though they had letters of safe conduct from the French king.

During the troubles of the reign of King Henry III, he remained loyal to the king while many barons defected to oppose their king. As a reward, the king committed the Counties of Suffolk and Norfolk by special patent into his custody. He was present at the battle of Lewes and, after the royal victory of Evesham, was given valuable lands and the governorship of Kenilworth Castle.

Philip de Marmion died before 5 December 1291. 
DE MARMION, Phillip (I162098)
Robert de Marmion was born about 1095, son of Roger de Marmion. Robert married Melicent de Réthel, daughter of Gervase, comte de Réthel, and Elisabeth de Namur.

About 1129 King Henry I granted him lands and the castle of Tamworth. When granted the castle of Tamworth with the adjacent lands in County Warwick, he expelled the nuns from the abbey of Polesworth to a place called Oldbury, about four miles distant. According to Sir William Dugdale, about a year later, when entertaining his friends on a costly scale at Tamworth Castle, St. Edith appeared to him during the night in the habit of a veiled nun and with a crosier in her hand. She warned him that, if he did not restore Polesworth to the nuns, he would have an evil death and go to hell. Then to add strength to her warning before vanishing, she smote him on the side with her crosier. He was hurt so badly that he cried out aloud and was heard by his friends. Finding him extremely tormented with the pain of his wound, they advised him to confess himself to a priest and vow to restore the nuns to their former possessions. Only after he had confessed did his pain cease. He then rode to Oldbury and asked the nuns to pardon him for the injury he had inflicted upon them. He assisted their return to Polesworth and, as their new patron, requested that he and his family might be buried at Polesworth.

In 1140 he was besieged by Geoffrey of Anjou in his castle of Fontenay in Normandy, which was subsequently demolished. In 1143 or 1144, to pursue his enemy, the Earl of Chester, he went to Coventry, the seat of the Earl, entered the priory there and, after expelling the monks, turned it into a fortress. At the same time he made deep ditches in the adjacent fields, which he covered over with earth, in order to secure the approaches to the priory. However, when the forces of the Earl of Chester began to approach, he rode out to reconnoitre, fell into one of those ditches and broke his thigh, so that a common soldier could seize him and cut off his head. His widow married Richard de Camville. 
DE MARMIRON, Robert (I162106)
Robert was born about 1123, the fifth son of Louis VI 'the Fat', king of France, and his second wife Adèle de Savoie. In 1137 he received the county of Dreux as an appanage from his father. He held it until 1184 when he granted it to his son Robert II.

In 1139 Robert married Agnès de Garlande, widow of Amaury III de Montfort, comte d'Evreux, sire de Montfort, and the daughter of Anceau de Garlande, comte de Rochefort, and a lady of the Rochefort-en-Yvelines family. They had a son Simon who died in childhood. Agnès died in 1143, and about 1144 Robert married Havise de Salisbury, daughter of Walter FitzEdward and Sibyl de Chaorces. Their daughter Adèle would have progeny by each of her four husbands. Havise died in 1152, and soon after Robert married Agnès de Baudement, dame de Braine, de Fère-en-Tardenois, de Nesle, daughter of Gui de Baudement, seigneur de Baudement, and his wife Alix. They had ten children of whom Robert II and two daughters would have progeny. He adopted the arms of his wife, and received the county of Braine-sur-Vesle and the lordships of Fère-en-Tardenois, Pontarcy, Nesle, Longueville, Quincy-en-Tardenois, Savigny, and Baudemont.

With his brother Louis VII, king of France, Robert participated in the Second Crusade in 1147 and was at the Siege of Damascus in 1148. Before the end of the crusade he returned to France and mounted a conspiracy against his brother the king, in the hope of gaining power. However his actions were successfully countered by Abbé Suger of Saint-Denis, who ensured the preservation of the regency in the absence of the king.

In 1158 Robert fought against the English and in 1154 he participated in the siege of Séez in Normandy. In 1180 he granted a communal charter to the town of Dreux, and he founded the town of Brie-Comte-Robert which carries his name. He died in 1188, and was buried in the church of Saint-Yved de Braine. 
DE DREUX, Robert I (I61627)
Walter FitzEdward, son of Edward of Salisbury, styled also Walter FitzEdward of Salisbury and Walter the Sheriff, was sheriff of Wiltshire under King Henry I, but lost the office for a time in that reign. In 1130 he was acquitted of four pounds _Danegeld_ in Dorset and seven pounds in Wiltshire. He was present at the Council of Northampton in September 1131. He was with King Stephen at Westminster at Easter 1136, and at Salisbury at Christmas 1139. He founded the Priory of Bradenstoke in Wiltshire, and was a benefactor to Salisbury Cathedral.

Walter married Sibylle de Chanort, daughter of Patrick de Chaorces (Chaworth) and Maud, daughter of Ernulf de Hesdin. Sibylle had as her marriage-portion fifteen fees of the old feoffment and one newly made. She died before her husband and was buried near the choir in the Priory of Bradenstoke. He took the habit of a canon there, died in 1147, and was buried in the same grave as his wife. They had three sons, William, Patrick and Walter, and at least two daughters, Havise and Sibylle, of whom Havise would have progeny by both her husbands, Rotrou I, comte du Perche and Robert I, comte de Dreux. 
DE SALISBURY, Walter Fitz Edward (I181081)
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George Savage has a renewed sense of hope that there are good people in this world.

The 61-year-old Sturgeon Falls man had his mobility scooter stolen last weekend while he was playing cards at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Sturgeon Falls.

Savage said the scooter was his only means of transportation.

“It's been kind of depressing sitting looking at the walls,” he said Friday. “I've been staying home a lot and I try to get a ride here and there when I can.”

But his luck changed Friday when he was given a used mobility scooter.

“One of my sister's friends, Jackie Miron, is a volunteer at Au Chateau – Home for the Aged in Sturgeon Falls. She found one for sale,” Savage said.

“A gentleman named Viateur Rondeau was selling it. When I told him I was interested because I had mine stolen, he offered it to me free of charge.”

Savage said he couldn't believe the older man's generosity.

“Viateur is in his 80s and he said I could have it. He couldn't use it any more.”

Savage said his brother bought him a lock and stainless steel cables three years ago to secure his scooter, but he never used them.

“I laughed when my brother gave them to me. I thought I'm never going to use that, but now I guess I will,” he said.

“It's kinda sad that I have to lock it up, but I will.”

Savage said he has made up flyers and handed them out to family and friends in River Valley, Warren and throughout West Nipissing.

The lost mobility scooter is red, has four wheels and has been customized with a windshield, canopy and rear carrier. There's a sticker on the back resembling the Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon album cover.

The theft was reported to West Nipissing police.

Anyone with information is asked to call 705-825-2761 or police at 705-753-1234. 
RONDEAU, Viateur (I256080)
11 Au moins une personne vivante ou marquée privée est liée à cette note - Les détails ne sont donc pas publiés. ELLIS, Janet Isobel (I195804)
Seigneur de Châtillon-sur-Marne

Gaucher III de Châtillon was the son of Gui II de Châtillon, seigneur de Châtillon-sur-Marne, and Adéle de Dreux, dame de Montjay. In 1196 he married Elisabeth, comtesse de St.Pol, daughter of Hugues IV Candavène, comte de St.Pol, lord of Didymotika and Jolande de Hainault. Gaucher and Elisabeth had two sons and three daughters, of whom both sons and a daughter would have progeny.

Gaucher and his son Hugues were mainly responsible for the fortifications around Crécy. They structured the city to give it the organisation still in existence, with its three districts: the castle, the borough and the market. Each district was protected by lines of ramparts and their ditches, the river also acting as a barrier. Gaucher was Grand-Bouteiller (Master of Ceremonies) of France and of Champagne (nominated by Thibaut III, comte de Champagne), and seneschal of Burgundy (nominated by Eudes III, duke of Burgundy).

At the beginning of the Albigensian Crusade in July 1209 Gaucher took part in the siege of Beziers, in which all the inhabitants of the city were killed by the camp followers of the crusaders. In August 1209 the crusading army of Simon V de Montfort, including Gaucher, besieged Carcassone and forced its citizens to surrender.

Gaucher also fought at the Battle of Bouvines on 27 July 1214, the first great international conflict of alliances among national forces in Europe. In the alliances, which were orchestrated by Pope Innocent III, Philippe II August of France defeated the Holy Roman Emperor Otto IV and his allies, including Dom Ferrante, infante de Portugal and King John of England, so decisively that Otto was deposed and replace by Friedrich II von Hohenstaufen.

In June 1219, during the Albigensian Crusade, Gaucher was killed in the siege of Marmande, in which the city was sacked and all the inhabitants slaughtered. 
DE CHÂTILLON, Gaucher III (I181068)

Boemund was born in 1107, the son of Boemund I, prince of Antioch, prince of Tarente and Constance de France, daughter of Philippe I, king of France and Bertha of Holland. He succeeded his father in 1111 in his Italian possessions, under the regency of his mother. He appointed as administrator of his Italian lands either the Pope or Alessandro, conte di Conversano, and sailed from Otranto for Palestine in September 1126. He was invested as Boemund II, prince of Antioch in October 1126 by Baudouin II, king of Jerusalem. He captured Kafartab from the emir of Homs at the end of 1126.

In the autumn of 1126 Boemund married Alix de Jerusalem, daughter of Baudouin II du Bourg, king of Jerusalem and Morfia de Melitene. Boemund and Alix had a daughter Constance, who would marry twice and have progeny.

Boemund invaded the territories of Leo I, Lord of the Mountains (Armenia-Rupen) in February 1130, but his forces were massacred near Mamistra by the Danishmend emir Ghazi with whom Leo had entered into an alliance. The Danishmend emir had Boemund's head embalmed and sent it as a gift to the caliph. 
D'ANTIOCH, Bohémond II prince (I208814)

Hugues was the son of Anselme Candavène, comte de St.Pol, and his wife Mathilde. Before 28 April in 1180 he married Jolande de Hainault, widow of Ives II de Nesle, comte de Soissons, and daughter of Baudouin IV, Graaf van Henegouwen, and Adele/Ermesinde de Namur. Of their two children Elisabeth would have progeny, marrying Gaucher III de Châtillon who became comte de St.Pol in her name.

Also in 1180 Hugues was a guest at the wedding in Bapaume of Philippe II August, king of France, and Jolande's niece Isabelle van Vlaanderen, comtesse d'Artois. From 1190 Hugues participated in the Third Crusade in the retinue of Philippe d'Alsace, Graaf van Vlaanderen.

Hugues feuded with Renaud I de Dammartin, comte de Boulogne, comte d'Aumale, and openly made war on him even when the royal court was staying in Saint-Pol in 1197.

In 1200 Hugues again took up the cross and from 1202 he joined Baudouin VI-IX, Graaf van Vlaanderen, on the Fourth Crusade. During the siege of Zara he agreed to the request of Alexios IV Angelos for the crusade to be refocused onto the conquest of Constantinople. In several letters to the courts of Western Europe Hugues reported on the first siege of Constantinople in 1203 and finally the conquest of the city in 1204. His letter of 18 July 1203 addressed to Hendrik I, duke of Brabant was the first report of this crusade to reach the West. At the coronation of Baudouin VI-IX as emperor of Constantinople Hugues acted as sword-bearer.

Hugues died at Didymotika in February 1205. His body was said to have been transferred to the abbey of Cercamp, though the crusader and chronicler Geoffroy de Villehardouin wrote that he was buried in the monastery of St.George of Mangana in Constantinople. 
DE ST-POL, Hugues IV (I181070)

Jacques was born about 1150, the son of Nicolas, sire d'Avesnes and Mathilde (Mahaut) de La Roche. About 1180 he married Ameline de Guise, daughter of Bernhard/Bouchard de Guise and his wife Alix. Jacques and Ameline had seven children of whom two sons and three daughters would have progeny.

Constable of Flanders, Jacques joined the Third Crusade under Richard 'the Lionheart'. On 7 September 1191 the Crusaders confronted Saladin's forces near Arsuf in Palestine. This extract from _The History of the Crusades_ by Joseph François Michaud (1853) graphically describes the battle in which Jacques lost his life:

'The Crusaders advanced towards the city of Arsuf, marching over a long but narrow plain, intersected by torrents, ravines, and marshes, and covered in many places with fragments of rock, marine plants, and reeds. They had the sea on their right, and on the left rose the steep mountains of Naplouse, defended by the inhabitants of the country and the troops of Saladin. At every passage of a torrent, at every dune or hillock of sand, at every village, a fresh contest had to be sustained, whilst the Mussulman archers, placed upon the heights, annoyed them unceasingly with their arrows. Richard 'the Lionheart's army marched in order of battle; the cavalry being placed in the centre; whilst the foot, closing their ranks, presented an impenetrable wall to the enemy, and braved their constantly renewed attacks.

'The army of the sultan got in advance of the Crusaders, and laid waste everything in their way; exhausting their efforts and ingenuity to retard, or entirely stop their march. Across the plain of Arsuf flowed a torrent which cast itself into the sea near the ramparts of the city; and not far from this torrent, a wood of oaks, which historians call the forest of Sarun, and which is believed to be the forest celebrated by Tasso, extended along the declivities of the mountains of Naplouse: it was upon this spot Saladin awaited the Crusaders to offer them decisive battle.

'A part of his army covered the heights, whilst the remainder encamped upon the banks of the torrent of Arsuf. The Christians soon arrived in face of their enemy, and drew up in order of battle. The Danes, Flemings, and Tuscans, commanded by Jacques d'Avesnes, formed the van. Richard marched in the centre, at the head of the English, Normans, Gascons, the Syrian troops, and those of the count of Champagne the rear-guard was composed of French and Germans, under the orders of the duke of Burgundy and Leopold of Austria. Whilst the archers were showering their arrows from a distance, Saladin passed through the ranks, and roused the courage of his soldiers, who replied him with the cries of Allah ac bar! -- God is powerful. Profound silence prevailed in the Christian army; the black cuirasses of the Crusaders seeming to darken the horizon, whilst sixty thousand swords gleamed out from amidst clouds of dust. All at once the Christian infantry opened their ranks, and the cavalry rushed forward towards the enemy, drawn up on the banks of the torrent of Arsuf. Jacques d'Avesnes, who commanded them, penetrated twice into the closely-pressed ranks of the Saracens, and twice was compelled to retreat in disorder. At the third charge his leg was severed by the stroke of a sabre, but he still pursued the infidels, when the arm with which he fought was struck off at a blow. The Christian hero fell amidst the enemy, calling aloud upon Richard, and conjuring him to avenge his death.' 
D'AVESNES, Jacques (I181089)
his parentage is contradictory in Isenburg and Schwennicke

Luitpold, called 'der Erlauchte' (the Illustrious), was the first margrave of Austria from the House of Babenberg. He was a count in the Bavarian Donaugau and first appears in documents from the 960s as Liupo, a faithful follower of Emperor Otto I. His descendance is disputed, though an affiliation with the ducal Luipolding dynasty is possible.

After the insurgency instigated by Heinrich II 'der Zanker', Herzog von Bayern, in 976 against Emperor Otto II, Luitpold was appointed as a largely autonomous 'Margrave of the East' (Markgraf von der Ostmark), the core territory of the later archdukedom of Austria. His residence was probably at Pöchlarn, but possibly already at Melk, where his successors resided. The territory, which originally had only coincided with the modern Wachau, was enlarged in the east at least as far as the Wienerwald.

Luitpold married Richiza, who was possibly the daughter of Ernst IV, Graf von Sualafeldgau. They had several children, of whom Ernst and Adalbert are recorded with progeny.

Luitpold was killed in 984 at Würzburg in Franconia by an arrow shot directed at his cousin Heinrich von Schweinfurt, Markgraf auf dem Nordgau. 
OSTMARK, Luitpold Markgraf von der (I208870)
17 .06.1888 n? PELLEN, Bernadine M (I81324)
18 Au moins une personne vivante ou marquée privée est liée à cette note - Les détails ne sont donc pas publiés. PELLAND, Danielle Charlotte Marie (I4599)
19 Au moins une personne vivante ou marquée privée est liée à cette note - Les détails ne sont donc pas publiés. DÉNOMMÉ, Georges Edouard (I76604)
20 Au moins une personne vivante ou marquée privée est liée à cette note - Les détails ne sont donc pas publiés. FRANKLIN, Michael Marion (I19385)
21 Au moins une personne vivante ou marquée privée est liée à cette note - Les détails ne sont donc pas publiés. PELLANT, Kajsa Lin (I41318)
22 Au moins une personne vivante ou marquée privée est liée à cette note - Les détails ne sont donc pas publiés. VIEW, John Edward (I240796)
23 Au moins une personne vivante ou marquée privée est liée à cette note - Les détails ne sont donc pas publiés. BRISSETTE, Agnès (I126327)
24 Au moins une personne vivante ou marquée privée est liée à cette note - Les détails ne sont donc pas publiés. DRALEAUS, Ronald Dennis (I183449)
25 140 Desrosiers Ovila M Head M Apr 21 1848 53
18 140 Desrosiers Elise F Wife M Aug 26 1845 55
19 140 Desrosiers Alma F Daughter S Jun 27 1879 21

Berthierville 1901 
DESROSIERS, Ovila Vincent (I16444)
26 Au moins une personne vivante ou marquée privée est liée à cette note - Les détails ne sont donc pas publiés. GAUTHIER, Thérèse (I208530)
27 Au moins une personne vivante ou marquée privée est liée à cette note - Les détails ne sont donc pas publiés. BROWN, Fils (I253379)
28 A Fort family legacy soon to celebrate 70 years in business

Category: Local News
Published: Thursday, 09 February 2017 17:01
Written by Stephanie Walsh
Downtown icon Roland's Jewelery Ltd. is celebrating 70 years next year.

Roland Gamache began his business in Morinville in 1948, initially doing watch and clock repairs with some appliance repairs in the early years.

Over the past 69 years and a few location changes, the business has grown into its current 3500-square-foot spot on 100th Ave, just up the street from its very first Fort address.

"Where the bowling alley is now is where the initial building sat. They lived in the back of their shop," said Roland's son Roger.

Roger Gamache and his wife Pat started a trophy and engraving business in 1978, which was amalgamated with the jewellery store in 1982.

Roland Gamache passed away in 2013 but his legacy lives on with his family carrying on with his life's legacy. Three generations of the Gamache family work in the store. Roland's wife Lena, at 84 years-old, still comes in a few mornings a week. Roger, his wife Pat and their three daughters Michelle, Danielle and Jill all currently work at the business.

Aside from a vast display of diamonds, jewellery and gift ware, services offered include custom orders, watch and clock repairs along with trophies and engraving.

You can find out more information about their products and services by visiting their Facebook page. 
GAMACHE, Roger (I266854)
29 Alexis Pellant was working for the NWC when he came across the Rockies onto the Pacific slopes in 1819 with Angus Bethune and Peter Skene Ogden. He was likely on the brigade for the following year he was re-engaged to work with McTavish, McGillivray & Co. at English River for two more years. 
PELLAND, Alexis (I133)
30 Au moins une personne vivante ou marquée privée est liée à cette note - Les détails ne sont donc pas publiés. PELLAND, Nikolas James (I19314)
31 Allison Pelland & Richard Whitenett
Wedding Date: November 15, 2013|Worcester, MA 
PELLAND, Allison B (I185395)
32 Anchorage police: Phone thief fights with officers during arrest

pencil Author: Jerzy Shedlock
clock Updated: February 7, 2017 calendar Published February 6, 2017

Anchorage police say a 45-year-old man fought with three officers during an arrest stemming from the attempted sale of a stolen phone.

David S. Boyles was jailed on a felony probation violation warrant. He also has been charged with possession of stolen property, resisting and assault on an officer, the police department said in a Monday night statement.

At 3:52 p.m. Monday, police got a call from an employee at High Frequency Wireless. The caller told police a man in the store was trying to sell a phone previously stolen from Device Pitstop, an electronics store, on Saturday.

Officers reportedly met face-to-face with Boyles inside High Frequency.

"(Boyles) refused to comply with officer commands and began physically fighting all three officers," police said. "After a few minutes an officer gave a Taser warning. Boyles was tased after continuing to fight and refusing to obey officer instructions."

The police department's statement does not say how long the fight lasted until officers were able to arrest Boyles, who was taken to a local hospital and medically cleared.

"Boyles exhibited signs of drug use to include extremely heightened physical strength," the statement says.

Additionally, police said a Volkswagen Golf, originally stolen from the 500 block of East Benson Boulevard on Wednesday and used during the Device Pitstop burglary on Saturday, was recovered Monday night in Midtown Anchorage.

The car was left running and unattended when it was stolen, police said. 
BOYLES, David Shane (I267793)
33 Au moins une personne vivante ou marquée privée est liée à cette note - Les détails ne sont donc pas publiés. DUCHARME, Anne Marie (I118130)
34 Au moins une personne vivante ou marquée privée est liée à cette note - Les détails ne sont donc pas publiés. BAKER, Richard P (I263901)
35 Au moins une personne vivante ou marquée privée est liée à cette note - Les détails ne sont donc pas publiés. PELLAND, André Gerard (I7816)
36 Au moins une personne vivante ou marquée privée est liée à cette note - Les détails ne sont donc pas publiés. HOLBEN, Robin (I265049)
37 Au moins une personne vivante ou marquée privée est liée à cette note - Les détails ne sont donc pas publiés. HOULE, Nathaniel Lee (I235236)
38 Bougeren (Bougrand et Beaugrand) dit Champagne, Jean :

Né vers 1641 d'origine inconnue, mais son surnom de Champagne nous indique sans doute sa province d’origine.
Il s’établit à Saurel et prend pour épouse vers 1670, Marguerite Samson, dite Pénisson aussi d'origine inconnue; En 1668 à Sorel. Les documents de ce mariage son introuvables.
En 1675, on le retrouve à Dautray, ou est baptisée sa fille Marie.
Sur un contrat passé devant le notaire Adhémar le 25 juin 1676, il signe son nom : «gean bougeren».

Cette famille est inscrite au recensement de 1681, dans la seigneurie de Villemur (Berthier), Jean est dit avoir 40ans, Marguerite Samson sa femme 32ans, le couple a 3enfants; Jean, 9ans; Charles, 7ans; Marie, 6ans. Le couple possédait deux vaches et avait trois arpents de terre en valeur.

Jean Beaugrand décède à Berthier et est inhumé le 5 décembre 1699 à Sorel.
Sa femme sera inhumée le 24 juillet 1721, à L'Île Dupas pour Tanguay et à Sorel pour Jetté.
Ménage établi à Berthier-en-haut. (3 enfants).
1)-Jean, né vers 1672. Il épouse Françoise Guignard, fille de Françoise Tierce et Pierre Guignet vers 1697 à Sainte-Geneviève, Berthierville . Il épouse en seconde noce Catherine Horé le premier février 1717 à La-Visitation, Ile-Dupas.
2)-Charles, Baptisé le 16/02/1673, à Sorel.
3)-Marie, Baptisée le 29/07/1675, à Sorel. 
BEAUGRAND, Jean (I41967)
39 Au moins une personne vivante ou marquée privée est liée à cette note - Les détails ne sont donc pas publiés. PELLAND, Steve Joseph Marcel (I19231)
40 Au moins une personne vivante ou marquée privée est liée à cette note - Les détails ne sont donc pas publiés. BRUNEAU, Annette (I141660)
41 Au moins une personne vivante ou marquée privée est liée à cette note - Les détails ne sont donc pas publiés. LANDRIGAN, Christina (I77726)
42 Au moins une personne vivante ou marquée privée est liée à cette note - Les détails ne sont donc pas publiés. CHAN, Camille Marie Odette Sara Lambert (I206844)
43 Au moins une personne vivante ou marquée privée est liée à cette note - Les détails ne sont donc pas publiés. GOKEY, Charles Francis (I106652)
44 Au moins une personne vivante ou marquée privée est liée à cette note - Les détails ne sont donc pas publiés. MASHTARE, Samuel Warren (I143628)

"Je suis née dans l'amour, j'ai vécu dans l'amour et je quitte entourée de l'amour des miens; je suis une femme comblée.'
(Paroles de Colombe, 2 jours avant qu'elle nous quitte.)

Enveloppée par l'amour des siens, Colombe (épouse de feu Edgar Fréchette, fille aînée de feu Arthur Desaulniers et de feu Dora Dupuis), nous a quittés jeudi le 29 juillet à 15h40, à l'âge de 77 ans et 10 mois, au pavillon Ste-Marie du CHRTR. Les funérailles auront lieu en l'église de St-Joseph de Maskinongé, le samedi 7 août 2010, à 12h30. L'inhumation aura lieu au cimetière paroissial de Maskinongé. Elle laisse derrière elle dans le sillon d'amour qu'elle a créé: ses enfants ainsi que leurs compagnons et compagnes de vie : Danielle (Ghislain Brouillette), Luc (Jacqueline Lebrun), Doris (Claude Ayotte),Lyne et Patrice; ses petits-enfants : Miguel F. Ayotte (Ève Bouthillette) et Marc-Alexandre F. Ayotte (Claude Bériault-Trottier) et leur père Daniel Ayotte; Kim Fréchette (Mélissa Lamy) et Magalie Fréchette (Jimmy Sylvestre);Tommy Lavallée (Marie-Pier de Brien), Guy-Olivier Lavallée (Claudia Théoret), Jean-Nicholas Lavallée, Mélisange Lavallée (Richard Dagenais) et leur père Guy Lavallée; Olivier Fréchette et sa mère Guylaine Plourde; ses deux arrière-petits-enfants; Lucas-Emmanuel Marakis-Ayotte et Lily-Maxim Lavallée; sa sœur: Yolande Desaulniers; sa belle-sœur: Rolande Gagnon (feu René Desaulniers); ses nièces et son neveu: Sylvie, Manon et Michel Desaulniers et leur conjoint(e) et leurs enfants; tous ses cousins et cousines descendants des familles Desaulniers, Dupuis, Fréchette et Pagé; ses ami(e)s de l'âge d'or de Maskinongé, plus particulièrement ses amies de cartes ainsi que beaucoup d'autres ami(e)s dont elle a touché le cœur tout au long de sa vie.
La famille tient à remercier particulièrement le Dr Paulin Hébert, le Dr Berthiaume du CHRTR ainsi que tous ceux et celles qui lui ont accordé si généreusement soins et attentions tout au long de sa vie, et plus précisément durant son dernier séjour au pavillon Ste-Marie du CHRTR.
Pour le mieux-être de l'espèce humaine, Colombe et sa famille vous remercient d'offrir des dons à la Société canadienne du cancer
Résidences funéraires St-Louis 
DESAULNIERS, Colombe (I207090)
46 contrôleur général des finances 1457, 1460, Il possédait des maisons à Paris et des terres aux environs; au terroir du gibert de Saitn-Martin des Champs, des vignes au pont de Chatou DE MARLE, Jean (I199394)
47 Crystal & Justin
September 28, 2013 Newlyweds for 952 days!
About Crystal

Crystal is currently living in the Madison area, working for UW-Madison in various positions. She is a true Badger, through and through. She earned both her BFA ('05) and Master's ('11) degrees from here and she has been in and around Madison since 2000, with a short stint on the East Coast from 2006-2008. She grew up in Glendale, Wisconsin - which is a small suburb in the Milwaukee area.

Crystal's mother, Antoinette Irene Tourtillott, is a member of the Stockbridge-Munsee Band of Mohicans and late father, Scott Kevin Tourtillott, is a member of the Menominee Nation. She is a descendant of both tribes, and also has Ojibwe, Bulgarian, German, and other unknown heritage. Her other dad, Bruce Silas, is a member of the Oneida nation and a proud Army Veteran. Crystal has one older sister, Starlyn. Starlyn is married to Beau Miller and the two of them have 2 beautiful children, Miles and Meryl.

She is fond of being creative, she likes to bead and sew as much as possible. She always says that she will someday return to painting, and she knows that once they have a house with space, she will find an area to call her studio! She loves to do spontaneous things, spend lots of time with family, and someday she hopes to see different parts of the world.

She truly knows what 'home is where the heart is' means, as she feels home is with family no matter where they might roam.

About Justin

Justin is currently living and working in the Madison area. He works for UW-Madison as a Grants and Contracts Specialist, through the Research and Sponsored Programs (RSP) office. He earned his Bachelor's of Business Administration degree from Georgetown University in December 2008. He grew up in Keshena and Shawano, Wisconsin and attended school in Shawano, Wisconsin.

Justin's late mother, Pamela Jean Wilber was an enrolled member of the Menominee Nation, so he is a proud enrolled member as well. Justin also has other European lineage. Justin has two older siblings; a sister, Destiny Lepscier, and a brother, Bryan 'Bun' Lepscier, Jr. He also has a younger sibling, Joseph Kaquatosh. Destiny has 4 beautiful children; Ariana, Pamela, Riley, and Robert. Bun has two beautiful children; Amaya and Oliver. And Joseph has one beautiful child as well; Jemma.

Justin likes to be outdoors. He enjoys hunting, fishing, boating, camping, as well as golfing. He likes to spend time with loved ones, devoting much of his free time to visiting with his large family and long list of friends. He is good-natured, kind, and likes to tease people a lot out of love. He would like to travel and has lots of dreams of living a comfortable life. Justin also enjoys gambling and has been quite lucky on the slots in the past.

Justin is definitely a Wisconsinite; he likes cheese and sausage, enjoys brats and definitely throws back a beer or two in his down time. He is a big Wisconsin and Georgetown sports team supporter- Badgers, Brewers, Hoyas- but especially the PACKERS! He is a very proud stockholder of the Green Bay Packers and has dreams of someday owning season tickets. Dream on Justin!

How we met

In 2006, Crystal moved to Washington, D.C. from Madison, Wisconsin to start her first 'real' job, working as a Visitor Services Assistant at the National Museum of the American Indian (NMAI). She met many great people at the museum, and learned about a lot of different tribes. She came to know some of her co-workers, Sonny, and his wife Diana, very well while she roamed the exhibits and corridors of NMAI. They all, along with several others (Vanessa, Jose, Angelia, Charlie, Fred, Sharyl, Adrienne, Ben, Leland, Brian, Zandra, Rachael, Ken, etc) spent countless hours running the Lelawi theater where they had plenty of time to chat and get to know one another. It was one of these times at the Lelawi when Diana and Sonny first brought up the idea of 'Justin' the 'Menominee' to Crystal. Meanwhile, Justin was a friend of Sonny's since coming to the museum a few years back. He was a student at Georgetown University, enjoying the DC life.

Sonny and Diana decided that Crystal and Justin needed to meet, so they made arrangements for them to meet one day after work at NMAI at the Buffalo Billiards bar. Justin says when he tried to talk to Crystal there, she barely said anything, so he thought she was stuck up. A few months later, Crystal was a single woman and decided to try getting to know Justin again since he knew Wisconsin, and she was far from home. Justin, as he often did, lost his phone one day. Lucky him, because his post on MySpace about needing phone numbers attracted Crystal to send him hers. So began the 'getting to know each other ' stage. In November 2007, Crystal and Justin decided to officially date, and they have been together ever since. They moved in together in 2010, and have been living in Madison for the past few years.
LEPSCIER, Justin (I166429)
48 Au moins une personne vivante ou marquée privée est liée à cette note - Les détails ne sont donc pas publiés. JOHNSON, Patricia Ann (I86468)
49 Au moins une personne vivante ou marquée privée est liée à cette note - Les détails ne sont donc pas publiés. PELLAND, Hugo Claude (I7595)
50 Au moins une personne vivante ou marquée privée est liée à cette note - Les détails ne sont donc pas publiés. MILLAR, Derry (I197006)

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